REOHM Braking Resistors Find Acceptance with High Protection and Outstanding Benefits

INDIANAPOLIS – With an optimal structure and power consumption to withstand vibration and shock tests and other advantages, air- and liquid-cooled REOHM Braking resistors from REO-USA are proving to be a solid choice for a variety of companies throughout North America, especially those with aggressive environments.

Used for braking or load resistor for drive technology, industrial applications and railway engineering, REOHM Braking resistors are available with power levels from 50W to 60 kW, and even greater with a modular installation. The liquid cooling method is proving to be very efficient for drawing heat away from a heat source, allowing for the spatial separation of the electricity and liquid carrying lines to ensure safe application. There are many other benefits beginning with a unique design says Alex Ward, Technical Sales Engineer for REO-USA.

“Our customers have the choice of modular construction for higher power levels or a compact design, which allows for a very dynamic space savings,” informed Ward. “Our Braking resistors offer a variety of cooling options and high protection with a rating up to IP67. This allows it to be used at higher ambient temperatures and in more aggressive environments.”

Ward explained how customers have given the braking resistors high marks for high efficiency and low noise levels, very low excess surface temperatures, and being the only cooling type where the temperature may fall below the ambient temperature.

“They have also mentioned achieving high performance on a consistent basis, since the temperature is directly dissipated. Some of our customers in high-powered aggressive environments are also taking advantage of increased lifetimes of equipment directly related to constant normal operating temperatures.”

In addition to the liquid-cooled resistors, Ward said there are other attractive options.

“REOHM standard resistors, such as the BW150 series, can be directly matched to the requirements for output, peak output and cycle duration and offer a variety of possibilities for cooling, ranging from active or passive air-cooling and water-cooling. Due to their high protection up to IP67, they can also be installed outside the control cabinet so the heat energy is not generated inside, with no overheating of surrounding electrical components. The compact design grants our customers more layout freedom for other devices in their applications.”

Ward said the compact design led to customer Dematic decreasing the space needed in their application by 30%. In addition to giving them future options on machine size, the global leader of intelligent intralogistics and material handling solutions also upgraded the power and protection ratings of their resistors.

“We have been using the REO-USA resistor since August 2015. The on-vehicle cost for the resistor assembly was significantly reduced compared to the discrete solution we had previously used,” said Mike Dicks, Dematic’s Senior Principal Engineer.

“We sent REO-USA our usage requirements and they responded with a design proposal. The resistors have performed exactly as required. They have had required parts on hand when we needed them and regularly check in with us. When we have had issues, REO-USA has always responded in a timely and effective manner.”

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