REO-USA, Inc. Announces the Development of Single and Three Phase Versions of EMC Filters

May 12, 2006

REO-USA, Inc. Announces the development of single and three phase versions of EMC filters

Indianapolis, IN - May 12, 2006 - The ability for two electrical or electronic systems to co-exist without either disturbing the correct operation of the other is Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC).

REO-USA, Inc. offers a standard production of single and three phase EMC filters where protection of electrical equipment is needed from AC motors, inverters, power supplies, voltage dips or voltage surges. Filters can be constructed with spade connectors or screw terminals, both connections are fast and convenient to use. A typical REO-USA, Inc. filter is built into a metal enclosure with capacitors and inductors rated at IP20. Filter mountings include both bookcase and footprint orientations for easy installment. High attenuation filter types are suitable for use with variable speed drives and switch mode power supplies or installations where Class A requirements of EN 55011 are necessary. For applications such as light industries where Class B requirements of EN 55011 are needed, REO-USA, Inc. offers a complete manufacturing range of very high attenuation filters. Additionally, labs or screened rooms require a multi-stage filter to remove incoming RFI from the supply lines. All REO-USA, Inc. filters bare the CE Marking conforming to various safety standards, emissions and testing for radio frequency immunity. All materials are UL listed and many are UL approved.

Incorporated in 2001, REO-USA, Inc. is the worldwide leader in electrical engineering for industrial technologies. The company offers a wide range of products to ensure efficient power usage including EMC filters, voltage stabilizers and braking resistors.

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