Remove 95% of Dust from Workers' Clothing in 18 Seconds

Walk-Through Dust and Decontamination Clothes Cleaning Booth Improves Worker Safety

Wilson, NC - A worker with dusty clothes can now step into a specially designed clothes cleaning booth and quickly and effectively clean dust and contaminants from the clothing without exposing the worker, co-workers or the work environment to elevated levels of dust. Developed to comply with all applicable federal regulations, the clothes cleaning booth utilizes compressed air, at <30 psi, exiting a manifold of nozzles to clean a worker' clothing in 18 seconds. This eliminates exposure to this dust hazard. In other applications, the clothes cleaning booth is an excellent way to maintain the cleanliness within a plant and the office area from cross-contamination as workers enter and exit work areas.

The applications for the clothes cleaning system include mining, quarry, paper, pharmaceuticals, electric motors, graphite brushes, lead recycling, sand, cement, packaging, fiberglass, woodworking, hair care, powder coating and any company where dust is generated.

For companies with workers in a dusty environment, the improved environmental safety is essential.

A US Bureau of Mines report documented a 10-fold increase in a workers dust exposure and found that, once contaminated, the clothing was a constant source of respirable dust exposing the person and their surroundings to unsafe levels. The Clothes Cleaning booth was initially developed through a cooperative research effort between the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Unimin Corporation, an industrial minerals mining company. The booth, measuring 42-1/2"X52-1/2"X96" includes open grating floor, door window, light fixture, electrical control wiring, control panel, safety valves, actuators, and timers, air spray manifold and operating instructions. An air reservoir tank and blower are also included and self-contained dust collection systems and air compressors are also available as optional equipment for stand-alone units. Additional options such as skid mounting, larger air reservoirs, and dust collection system are available.

S.K. Bowling/Paint Perfect is a custom manufacturer of paint spray booths, and mixing rooms for industrial, manufacturing, government, textile, marine, woodworking, military and transportation applications, and manufactures the Clothes Cleaning System. S.K. Bowling also distributes fire suppression, air make-up and ventilation systems.

For more information:
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Clothes Cleaning Systems
A Division of SK Bowling, Inc.
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