Removable Bicycle Bollards allow for different site configurations.

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Offering mix-and-match features, Removable Bike Bollards allow for different site configurations from one event to another. Units are available with 2 bike bollard posts in 2 materials, 2 types of bike arm attachments, and 2 different in-ground receivers. Both post choices allow for reflective striping to be added for extra visibility. All steel bollards are available in 6 standard powder-coat finishes, with stainless steel options available.

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Bike Parking Flexes with Removable Bicycle Bollards

Removable bike bollards allow for different site configurations from one event to another

Vancouver, Canada, - Reliance Foundry Ltd. continues to expand its bike parking bollard and bike rack product lines. This time they've added removable bike bollards which add high levels of flexibility for event and other venues, where the use of bollards & bike bollards can best be met by changing configurations.

"Many people have doubts when they hear removable and bike parking in the same sentence," said Brad Done, vice president, "but our secure attachments for removable bicycle bollards eliminate concern that these bike parking stands might allow for bike theft."

These new removable bike bollards have "mix and match" features, including two bike bollard posts available in two materials, two types of bike arm attachments (fastened at the factory for security), and two different in-ground receivers, according to Done. All of the steel bike bollards are available in six standard power-coat finishes, with stainless steel options available for extra durability. Several mounting options are available for all removable bike bollards, and both bike bollard post choices allow for reflective striping to be added for extra visibility.

If you want to be able to configure a site differently from time to time, you need to decide between the chain locking bike bollard receivers, or the higher integrity receivers with locking flip lid locks. For example, one version of the in-ground removable bike bollard receiver that holds the model R-7903 removable bike bollard in place is equipped with a hinged lid that provides a dual function:

  • When the bike bollard is in place, the lid serves as a hasp to accept a padlock and secure the post.

  • When the bike bollard is removed, the lid lies flush with the surrounding pavement to eliminate tripping hazards.

    "Our removable bollards are mounted into study receivers, which are installed into fresh cement. To retrofit existing sites, it's easy to remove and replace a small area of concrete to establish a new concrete footing for our bike bollard mounting receivers. You then can choose either a short chain or flip lock mounting option to secure the removable bollard in place. Add a sturdy padlock and you're in business," Done added.

    For areas where changing accessibility is not a concern, complimentary fixed mounted bike bollard models can be installed along side the removable bike bollards, with either a flanged mounting system for installing into existing concrete, or a permanent/fixed mounting system for installing into new concrete.

    The new hardware for removable bike bollards is available in several standard powder-coated colors, as well as stainless steel for extra field durability. Reliance Foundry provides all of the hardware and installation instructions needed for its full bike bollard line, so specifiers and others face no danger of having to search for separate hardware to install their bicycle bollards.

    Further information on all of Reliance Foundry's bike bollard products may be found on their bike parking web site.

    About Reliance Foundry Co. Ltd.:

    Reliance Foundry has been a family-owned business since 1927. Bike parking products are one of its growing product lines, along with bollard covers, industrial wheels and investment castings. Reliance sources products globally and offers quick and convenient delivery in the United States and Canada from its Vancouver location.

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