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Paragon Robotics Products Compatible with BACnet and Modbus/TCP Networks

CHESTERLAND OH – Paragon Robotics wireless data loggers and sensors provide a low-cost scalable solution to remotely monitor your facility power usage and the management/performance of HVAC, lighting and process systems. Paragon's extended wireless range and flexible integration options in existing BACnet and Modbus environments can cover a single facility, multiple properties, or an entire campus of buildings. At CAS DataLoggers we provide Paragon Robotics systems at an affordable price along with free technical support—call us at (800) 956-4437.

Get remote access to critical building information including HVAC performance, occupancy, and lighting and energy use in retail locations, rentals, hotels, museums, warehouses and storage facilities. Paragon can provide you with wall-mounted wireless temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, power/current, flow measurement, light and occupancy sensors. Paragon wireless sensors are easy to install, reducing your installation costs due to no required signal wiring or power access.

Paragon Super Gateways:

  • GW10 Wireless Super Gateway

  • GW11 Wireless Super Gateway with WiFi

  • GW12 Wireless Super Gateway with 3G Modem

Paragon Robotics Super-Gateways are designed with a full ARM-based Linux platform enabling powerful scripting capabilities. These wireless systems are popular with system integrators and analytics companies to communicate with BACnet, Modbus, or any other custom network-based protocols. Super-Gateways features 3GB of onboard memory for data storage and provide interconnectivity for an unlimited number of Halo/S™ devices at once. Super-Gateways can be flexibly connected via Ethernet (GW10), WiFi (GW11) or Cellular 3G/4G modem (GW12).

One wireless gateway is required for each site to automatically oversee each wireless network. The system also relays communications between all wireless sensors and a connected PC or local network. Onboard storage is large enough to store decades of logged data from the connected sensors in its wireless network. The gateway can be optionally configured to work with Paragon's HaloCloud service, allowing remote monitoring, control, and alarms for the entire system.

Innovative Cloud Service

With Paragon's optional HaloCloud service, properties and historic/live sensor data can be remotely accessed, monitored and managed from anywhere in the world. Use logged historic data to pinpoint inefficiencies such as poor airflow, filter performance, occupancy, power usage and heating/cooling element issues. The business benefits can be significant for both facility managers and HVAC contractors.

Multiple sites can easily be integrated into one interface. Users can also seamlessly feed data into 3rd party software systems, making it ideal for energy analytics, environmental monitoring and industrial automation.

*Paragon's BACnet and Modbus software scripts and translators are included at no charge with the line of system Super Gateways.

For more information on Paragon Robotics products including wireless sensors and gateways, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at 800-956-4437 or visit our website at

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