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Remote Wireless Monitors offer voice notification.

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Aug 20, 2003 - Bullhorn Monitors allow user to configure alarms, control equipment, and receive data through secure website. They use MicroBurst(TM) wireless network from to transfer information from remote equipment to central database. With voice notification feature, data packets travel from Bullhorn device to server, where system checks to see if alarm conditions are met. Alarm is then sent to up to 5 cell phone numbers until notification is acknowledged.

American Innovations - Austin, TX

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American Innovations Introduces Voice Notification Feature for Bullhorn Wireless Remote Monitoring

Press release date: Aug 11, 2003

AUSTIN, TX, August 11, 2003 - American Innovations' Bullhorn family of remote wireless monitoring products now offers a voice notification feature which alerts users when a pre-programmed alarm condition has occurred. Bullhorn is a low-cost, wireless remote monitoring solution that lets you configure alarms, control equipment and receive data through American Innovations' secure website without having to manage any of the technical aspects of the system.

The Bullhorn system uses the MicroBurst(TM) wireless network from to transfer information from remote equipment to a central database. In seconds, data packets are transferred from the Bullhorn unit over the cellular network to the operating center and on to AI's secure web site where packets are decoded and the data is posted for customers to view or to download.

The voice notification feature is simple to implement. After a quick configuration, data packets travel from the Bullhorn device to the AI server, where the system checks to see if any alarm conditions are met. If the alarm has been configured to trigger a voice notification, it is then immediately sent to up to five cell phone numbers. The message includes a brief introduction, the unit ID number and/or name and notification text and is repeated three times.

The system will call all numbers in a specified order until the notification is acknowledged by simply pressing "9". If the user has specified that an email message be sent if the calls are not acknowledged, then it will be delivered after all calls have been attempted. The system will make up to 15 calls before sending an email. The pattern and number of calls depends on how the user wishes to configure the system.

"The voice notification feature is a great addition to the Bullhorn system. Customers are now able to specify up to five phone numbers to call, in order, when an alarm condition is detected," explains Bullhorn Program Manager Mike Alexander. "The voice notification system will then dial the number, 'read' a customized message to the recipient of the call, and ask for the user to acknowledge the notification. This way, the customer can be sure that someone has received the necessary information, and they can send a traditional email notification as a fail-safe in case none of the calls is acknowledged. In effect, customers get the flexibility of multiple, ordered phone calls with the security of a backup email notification." Bullhorn units can be set to report by exception when under "alarm" conditions or at pre-configured "health check" intervals. Automatic alarm notifications are also sent via fax, page and/or email. Alarms can be configured in a variety of ways, and advanced alarming capabilities, which eliminate false alarms, are standard in the product.

About American Innovations Based in Austin, Texas, American Innovations (AI) is a fast growing provider of products and services for web-based remote monitoring, including automatic meter reading, alarm point monitoring and remote equipment control. AI's skills include the design and development of scaleable network operating systems, secure web servers and reliable microelectronic communications devices for use in rugged environments. In addition, by combining the best low-cost and reliable technologies from Bass-Trigon, the leader in corrosion data and integrity management, and the Bullhorn(TM) wireless remote monitoring system, AI provides a total pipeline corrosion monitoring solution. Both the Bass-Trigon and Bullhorn product lines help pipeline companies comply with current regulations and make their equipment safer overall. Visit AI at or call 1-800-229-3404 for more information.