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Used to monitor cathodic protection assets remotely, Bullhorn RM4150 helps operators meet 49 CFR 192/195 regulations and protect pipelines by collecting and communicating rectifier measurements using GSM networks. Cellular RMU has 5 analog channels and 2 digital channels to monitor rectifiers on pipelines, well casings, tanks, and other assets. Measurement capabilities, accurate to 1% of reading, cover AC and DC volts and amps, pipe-to-soil potential, shunts, instant off, and line power presence.

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New Bullhorn RM4150 Cellular RMU Provides AC and DC Measurements with 1% of Reading Accuracy

Monitor rectifiers via GSM to facilitate compliance & protect pipelines

AUSTIN, Texas -- American Innovations, protecting people and the environment with compliance solutions for the oil & gas industry, has released the Bullhorn RM4150 for accurate remote monitoring of cathodic protection (CP) assets.  By collecting and communicating rectifier measurements using GSM networks, operators can meet 49 CFR 192/ 195 regulations and protect their pipelines.

The RM4150 RMU was created to monitor rectifiers used in cathodic protection systems. It has five analog channels and two digital channels to monitor rectifiers on pipelines, well casings, tanks and other assets. The unit measures AC & DC volts and amps, pipe-to-soil potential, shunts, Instant Off, line power presence and more - all with 1% of reading accuracy.  This allows high resolution changes to be observed and monitored, and allows the measurement of very low mV readings to accommodate current shunt measurements. Operators typically no longer need to change a shunt to adapt to limitations of measurement devices.

The digital channels provide an accumulator for metering applications and, with an optional accessory, intrusion detection. It includes GPS-synchronized interruption for close interval, depolarization, and DCVG surveys.

The RM4150 installs quickly and is easy to set-up.  It is small enough to fit inside most rectifiers or mounts externally using an optional NEMA 4X enclosure.  It features over-the-air configuration and firmware upgrades via the Bullhorn Asset Tracker (BAT(TM)) website. The RM4150 also communicates measurement readings to AI's Pipeline Compliance System (PCS(TM)) to further manage, analyze and report on data collected in the field.

"The RM4150 was designed using feedback and requirements from our oil & gas customers who needed an accurate, easy-to-install CP rectifier monitoring product with interruption. It works well in both remote and urban areas," said Jaco Botes, Director of Product Strategy. 

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