Remote Monitoring System suits oil and gas applications.

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Smart Remote Automation, as extension of PlantWeb® digital architecture, enables continuous diagnostics to be run at remote sites and connect in real-time to centralized operations centers for predictive operations and maintenance. Allowing centralized access to information for regulatory compliance and reporting via device alert tracking and audit trail, system provides health of such equipment as pressure, temperature, flow, and level transmitters as well as control valves.

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Emerson Introduces Smart Remote Automation, a New Extension of the Plantweb® Digital Architecture

Extension brings the power of real-time diagnostics to upstream oil and gas applications, enabling predictive practices that improve operations and maintenance, and increase remote site availability and throughput

AUSTIN, TEXAS (October 4, 2005) -- Emerson Process Management has today introduced Smart Remote Automation, an extension of its PlantWeb® digital architecture that will improve businesses comprised of processes that go well beyond the confines of the typical plant. The Smart Remote technology enables continuous diagnostics to run at remote sites and connect in real-time to centralized operations centers where they allow predictive operations and maintenance, and enable staff to increase site availability and throughput.

The first industry to benefit from this extended architecture will be upstream oil and gas, where production, transportation, and distribution operations can cover hundreds or even thousands of square miles. To maintain these sites has traditionally required many man-hours and miles of driving.

"Enabling our customers to make dramatic improvement in business practices in their challenging environments is exciting," commented Jon Milliken, president of the Flow Computer division of Emerson Process Management. "Smart Remote Automation represents an entire new category of technology that will give our users continuous visibility to the health of their field instrumentation, enabling operation and maintenance that is more proactive and efficient, and increasing up-time of their dispersed facilities."

"This launch marks the beginning of the end of run-to-fail practices. Smart Remote Automation embraces our customers' process instrumentation and equipment, and represents an architecture platform for future additions that we are developing," continued Milliken. "Throughput and yield should increase, and helping to make that possible with new technology is very gratifying."

A much needed enhancement to traditional SCADA systems that only collect process data from remote sites, Smart Remote Automation provides health of such equipment as pressure, temperature, flow, level transmitters, and control valves. Centralized real-time access to this information produces a major impact on maintenance and repair budgets, and improvement in uptime.

Technology Enables Smart Remote Automation

Smart Remote Automation relies on the innovative digital technology of Emerson's HART-based field devices that power PlantWeb with predictive intelligence, and on the proven ROC800 Remote Operations Controller. Extending the values of this technology to remote sites is made possible by the unique new technology of Emerson's ROC field server and AMS(TM) Suite with ROC Polling Service. AMS Suite is the company's family of software products that convert health status from the intelligent devices into predictive information for use by those running the facility.

ROC Field Server is a unique new field device that manages communications as it merges low-bandwidth, low-speed field diagnostics communication with high-bandwidth, high-speed Ethernet host communications. What has formerly been an obstacle to obtaining field information, the technology of the field server overcomes the bandwidth problems by prioritizing data packets, caching and bandwidth management, and automatic directory generation.

AMS Suite is an industry-leading open family of software products that provides the real-time configuration, calibration, diagnostics, documentation, and the user interface for the smart instrumentation. The suite includes Intelligent Device Manager and Asset Portal software for managing smart instrumentation. ROC Polling Service is software that resides on the AMS Suite and provides the communication and database interfacing between the suite and the ROC800 Remote Operations Controller located at each remote site.

ROC800 Remote Operations Controller is a field-proven measurement and control device that serves as the communication link between the smart instrumentation located at a remote site and the ROC Field Server or ROC Polling Service. It passes data between the smart instrumentation and AMS Suite. The ROC800 communicates to smart instrumentation using HART protocol. The ROC800 supports a variety of communication and networking technologies including both low and high speed wired and wireless.

Broad Benefits Are Delivered by Smart Remote Automation

Through this innovative extension of PlantWeb digital architecture, businesses with remote sites will receive improvements similar to those experienced in thousands of plant installations around the world. Smart Remote Automation will

- Improve process availability by using predictive intelligence to help detect and avoid causes of equipment failure that can lead to unplanned downtime.

- Increase maintenance efficiency and effectiveness by detecting and diagnosing potential equipment problems before they become issues that detract from performance.

- Help regulatory compliance and reporting by enabling companies to provide device alert tracking and a detailed audit trail of operations.

- Increase throughput and yield by reducing downtime, and by improving basic and advanced control, reducing variability.

- Improve quality by helping keep instruments and equipment maintained and performing at their best

"There are a lot of improvement dimensions," concluded Milliken. "That's due to the broad impact of the Smart Remote Automation. It's a breakthrough that affects many fundamentals of our customers' businesses."

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