Remote Monitoring System promotes patient safety.

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Powered by Bernoulli® Enterprise system, Microstream® Monitoring System (MSM(TM)) employs wireless technology for continuous central station monitoring of patient ventilation and oxygenation. Instantaneously alerts are sent to clinicians when patient is in respiratory distress, and clinicians can also closely monitor oxygenation status as well as end-tidal carbon dioxide within system. Central monitoring system supports Oridion capnography monitoring products.

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Oridion Launches its Fully Integrated Remote Monitoring System and SARA Software for Improved Patient Safety

JERUSALEM and NEEDHAM, Massachusetts, October 15 - Oridion Systems Ltd. - (SWX: ORIDN) is launching at this week's American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA its total solution Microstream(R) Monitoring System (MSM(TM)), powered by the Bernoulli(R) Enterprise system. The MSM system, a wireless technology for continuous central station monitoring, is the only fully integrated ventilation and oxygenation remote patient monitoring system that directly responded to the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) recommendation for improved Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) recommendation for improved ventilation and oxygenation monitoring for patients receiving patient controlled analgesia.

Included in the 2006 APSF recommendations was the endorsement of remote access to alarms, especially on the general floor environment where higher patient-to-nurse ratios often do not allow on-going visual contact with the patient as in other areas, such as the intensive care units and emergency room. The MSM system helps improve patient safety because it instantaneously alerts clinicians via wireless technology that a patient is in respiratory distress.

With the MSM system, clinicians have the benefit of closely monitoring not just oxygenation status (oxygen carried in the blood), but also the essential ventilation parameter - end-tidal carbon dioxide. Clinical studies have demonstrated conclusively that carbon dioxide monitoring is the earliest indication of a change in a patient's ventilation.

The MSM powered by Bernoulli is the only central monitoring system that supports the full range of Oridion capnography monitoring products, including the Capnostream(TM) 20 and the patented Microstream FilterLine(R) sets for CO2 sampling.

Gerry Feldman, President of Oridion Capnography, Inc. said, "With this system we have been able to deliver information about respiration and ventilation that has never been experienced before. Its clinical impact is seen on the faces of our customers who are able to report they can intervene earlier and more accurately in crisis situations. This system, including the new recently FDA approved SARA software (Smart Alarm Respiratory Analysis) that safely reduces alarms by 55%, is the first responder to the recommendations of the APSF."

Oridion is the global leader of innovative capnography monitoring solutions in the critical care, pain management, procedural sedation and emergency medicine settings. The Oridion innovative Microstream technology continues to be the industry gold standard for monitoring patient ventilation in this broad range of clinical settings.

The CPC Bernoulli Enterprise System offers state of the art software and telemedicine solutions, which provide continuous, central, and remote, real-time surveillance of the patient bedside from a plurality of medical devices. Along with documenting, storing, and trending patient data, the system offers instantaneous remote alarm notifications via centralized monitoring and hand-held or paging systems.

About Oridion

Oridion Systems Ltd. ( is a global medical device company specializing in patient safety monitoring. The Company operates through wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, and Israel.

Oridion develops proprietary medical devices and patient interfaces, based on its patented Microstream(R) technologies, for the enhancement of patient safety through the monitoring of the carbon dioxide (CO2) in a patient's breath. These products provide effective, proven airway management and are used in various clinical environments, including procedural sedation, pain management, operating rooms, critical care units, post-anesthesia care units, emergency medical services, transport, alternate care and other settings where patients' ventilation may be compromised and at risk.

About Cardiopulmonary Corporation

Cardiopulmonary Corp. (CPC) located in Milford, CT, offers the Bernoulli(R) Enterprise System software and telemedicine solutions, which provide continuous, central, and remote, real-time surveillance of the patient bedside from a plurality of medical devices. Bernoulli(R) uses web-based and state of the art wired or wireless network technology to interface with medical devices that have RS-232, Ethernet, or nurse call data interfaces. Bernoulli(R) documents and stores routine status checks, which are mandated on patient monitors, ventilators, and other medical devices, by the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), thus reducing the time clinicians typically spend on documentation and improving the accuracy of the reporting through the elimination of transcribing errors.

Instantaneous central station monitoring, and hand-held devices or pager notifications, of patient alarms, settings, and patient values allow quick management of alarm conditions. The system also trends patient data, increasing the accuracy of patient assessment.

For further information please contact:

Gerry Feldman, President
Frank Justin, Director of Marketing (US) +1-781-354-8073
address Oridion Systems Ltd., P.O. Box 45025, 91450 Jerusalem,

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