Remote Monitoring Solutions - Bringing Your Remote Assets Closer to You

Industrial Video & Control products include capabilities that are designed for remote process monitoring, remote security, and protecting remote assets. Our scalable, cost-effective remote monitoring solutions are ideal for oil and gas, pipeline monitoring, water distribution systems, power generation/transmission, and construction industries.

These advanced remote monitoring features include:

o Video recording at "the edge" protecting against network/equipment outages

o Distributed system architecture with remote processing for easy system expansion

o Ability to utilize existing PLC networks for video transmission

o Event clip capability, delivering video to you only when it matters

o Optimization of video over wireless, cellular, and satellite communications

o Low bandwidth video management tools

o Video over serial telemetry links

o Integration of video with SCADA

o Low-power/solar power video solutions

IVC systems provide you the power to bring video from the farthest reaches of your operations back to the control room. With our flexible software architecture and a complete range of industrial cameras, IVC has the right monitoring solution for your application.

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