Remote Display Units can be operated from up to 35 m.

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Provit 5000 allows data from touch screen, LEDs, and function keys, as well as data from connected keyboards, to be transmitted. Required 24 Vdc is fed in at local connector where IPC is located. Display unit and corresponding remote connector are supplied via cable connecting 2 remote display connectors. Unit can connect CD-ROM drive at distance up to 35 m with separate connection, transforming remote display unit into complete operating terminal.

Original Press Release:

Remote Display Units

By default, display units can be operated at a distance of 10 m with Provit 5000 systems. The employed method, based on Panellink, has proven itself over many years and is used in thousands of applications.

In order to permit flexible use of displays on location and even better adaptation to the conditions of the corresponding production machine, the B&R developers have created a new generation of transmitters for display data.

They allow operation of display units at a distance of up to 35 m. However, remote operation is not limited to the display information. Data from the touch screen, LEDs and function keys, as well as from connected keyboards, is also transmitted. A clever solution was also found for the power supply of the remote connectors and the display unit. The required 24 VDC are fed in at the local connector, meaning where the IPC, which needs
to be supplied anyhow, is located. The display unit and corresponding remote connector are supplied via the cable connecting the two remote display connectors. Therefore an additional cable for power supply is not necessary.

A special highlight of Provit 5000 is the capability to connect a CD-ROM drive at a distance of up to 35 m with a separate connection. This transforms the remote display unit into a complete operating terminal.

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