Reliance Foundry Secures New Flexible Bollard Manufacturing Agreement

Reliance Foundry has entered into a new manufacturing partnership that will transform the way its line of flexible bollards is produced. From this point forward, all of Reliance Foundry's flexible bollards will be manufactured in a cutting-edge facility that has been designed for specialized bollard production. At this facility, Reliance Foundry's bollards will be constructed from high-grade, proprietary materials and their efficient production will spell out cost savings for Reliance Foundry's bollard customers. New flexible bollard prices have been posted and pricing for some models has been reduced by as much as 50%.

"We are always looking for ways to produce our bollards more efficiently and to enhance their designs," says Brad Done, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Reliance Foundry. "Having our flexible bollards produced in facility that has been optimized for this specialized form of manufacturing will complement our bollard designs and lower their prices."

The new partnership will spell out a variety of changes that will improve production efficiency and lower the prices of Reliance Foundry's flexible bollards. Under the new agreement, flexible bollards will be produced from a proprietary composite-polymer that matches rigidity with flexibility. It creates traffic-friendly bollards that will bend up to 90 degrees upon impact to reduce damage to vehicles. Reliance Foundry's flexible bollards are highly-durable and will not fade from UV rays or prolonged exposure to the elements. The coloring process also makes dents, dings and scrapes less noticeable as the material from which they are produced is the same color all the way to flexible bollard's core. With the new agreement and in an effort to reduce production time, Reliance Foundry has discontinued several models of the least-ordered models. The discontinued flexible bollards are being sold at a discounted price and are available on Reliance Foundry's bollard clearance page, but only while supplies last. Another part of the initiative to improve production times will be that, from this point forward, standard flexible bollards will only be produced in black. Additional custom colors will remain available but will require an extended delivery time. By eliminating less-popular items, the new manufacturing agreement will see the most-popular flexible bollards produced at quicker rate. It will also allow them to be stocked at a higher level and at a reduced price.

"We really tried to ‘trim the fat' to make it easier, quicker and cheaper to get the flexible bollards people are buying, " says Reliance Foundry's Product manager, Len Cranmore. "I think our new set-up will make the whole process more convenient and, best of all, cheaper!"

Reliance Foundry's now stocks 10 standard models of flexible bollards. They are available in both contemporary and traditional styles that create safe streetscapes. Flexible bollards are traffic-friendly and are perfect for lane delineation and other traffic applications. Reliance Foundry's flexible bollards can be easily installed with both fixed and removable mountings. Not only simple traffic guides, Flexible bollards by Reliance Foundry are also decorative highlights that deliver a high level aesthetic value. See all the newly-produced models with updated pricing on Reliance Foundry's online flexible bollard catalogue.

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