Release Agent is formulated for polyurethane products.

Press Release Summary:

VOC-free Release Coating 7745 accommodates manufacturing at ambient temperatures over 400°F and can be used with various mold materials, such as steel, aluminum, and polyurethane. Release properties can help reduce scrap rates and also make automated demolding possible. Another benefit is minimized build up in molds, which reduces mold cleaning time and subsequently extends production uptime.

Original Press Release:

Release Ease for Polyurethane Products

Release Coating 7745 is a new release agent, developed by Huron Technologies, Inc. for polyurethane products. This product was custom formulated to include no VOCs. Release Coating 7745 works effectively for manufacturing at ambient temperature to temperatures over 400o F. The product can also be be used with a wide range of mold materials including steel, aluminum and polyurethane. Release Coating 7745 is used for many different types of products including shoe soles, building products and encapsulation applications for electrical cable equipment.

Release Coating 7745 provides superior release which cut scrap rates by over 50% for one product line. This superior ease of release also made automated demolding possible. Finally, Release Coating 7745 minimized build up in the molds. Less build up means less down time for cleaning molds, resulting in more production time. The combination of ease of release, no VOC content, minimizing environmental concerns and maximizing production time by cutting build up makes Release Coating 7745 an effective product for polyurethane parts manufacturers.

Release Coating 7745 is available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums or 245 gallon totes. Huron Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures a wide range of release coatings for polyurethane, rubber and composites for off-the-shelf and custom applications.

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