Relay Scanner/Multiplexer is mobile and USB-powered.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring 5 x 7 x 1.3 in., SMU4032 USB Switching Module lets users maintain 7½ digit measurement accuracy across switching architecture. Instrumentation specifications enable 6½ or 7½ digit DMM to deliver its full accuracy, and 35 differential inputs offer configuration flexibility. Along with thermal EMF errors of less than 1 µV, features include isolated power and relay drive, guarded/shielded construction, on-board MCU, and built-in self-test functions.

Original Press Release:

Signametrics Introduces the SMU4032 Relay Switching Module, the First Mobile USB Instrumentation Switch

New compact and mobile USB Switch allows you to maintain 7-1/2 digit measurement accuracy across your switching architecture.

Seattle, WA - Nov 14, 2008, The SMU4032 USB Switching Module is the only compact, mobile, true instrumentation multiplexer available for the USB format. Weighing in at less then a pound, and with dimensions of 5'' X 7'' X 1.3'', the SMU4032 is ideal for environments and applications where size, weight, or mobility requirements rule out traditional bench top equipment. The SMU4032 is powered off the USB bus, making it ideal for use with a laptop in mobile environments.

The SMU4032 is the only mobile USB switch with instrumentation specifications, making it the only mobile USB switch that enables your 6-1/2 or 7-1/2 digit DMM to deliver its full accuracy.

Key Features
Portable - small, lightweight and powered directly from the USB bus
35 differential inputs with very flexible configuration
Thermal EMF errors of less than 1uV, for excellent accuracy
Isolated power and relay drive, to minimize noise
Guarded/Shielded construction, for high common-mode rejection
On-board micro-controller makes the user interface simple

Versatile Configuration
The 35 channels can be configured on the fly into a single 35:1 differential multiplexer, a 16:4-Wire multiplexer, four independent 8:1 differential multiplexers, two 16:1 differential multiplexers, or as a 64:1 single ended switch.

Uncompromising Performance
The SMU4032 35-channel relay Scanner/Multiplexer provides a high-performance switching means for Signametrics' line of USB DMMs. It also provides confidence and reliability by means of a comprehensive set of built-in self-test functions. These include the capability to check for relay bounce duration, shorted or open relay contacts, excessive contact resistance, and other critical diagnostics. There is also a contact self-cleaning function. Optional Screw Terminal Blocks, Test Connectors and Isothermal Connectors are also available.

A Family of Test and Measurement Instruments
These USB Switches are a great choice for bench top and portable use. They are an excellent fit for burn-in, production test, automated test and R&D applications. All you need is a vacant USB port. No additional power cords or data cables are required. A front panel application allows you to control the switch easily right out of the box. The Switch can also be used in an automated fashion with a user-generated control program, utilizing one of many compatible software packages and operating systems.

Signametrics offers a versatile lineup of USB, PCI and PXI Switches and Digital Multimeters, enabling users to select the products that best fit their application at the best price and performance. All of these product families use the same software commands.

Universal Software Support
Installing the product software is short, easy and smooth. Signametrics has no vested interest in which software package you use. The drivers are universal and are designed to interoperate with many different systems. Supported packages include C, C++, C#, .NET, Visual Basic®, Word®, Excel®, VBA, Mat Lab®, Delphi, LabView®, LabWindows/CVI®, ATEasy®, HPVee® and a lot more. Operating systems include all Windows flavors, 32bit and 64bit Linux and INtime®.

Expect to start using these switches within a few minutes from the time the unit is out of the box. Compatibility with all other Signametrics switches and DMMs facilitates a painless transition. All Signametrics products come with a software front panel, Windows applications and Linux drivers, as well as various code samples.

About Signametrics
Signametrics pioneered plug-in Digital Multimeters eighteen years ago, and keeps on leading in this market with the most advanced features, and ever increasing accuracy and speed. You can find these products as OEM from our distributors and reps or direct. All come with a 30 day no risk return policy, and one year warranty.

US List Prices and Availability
The SMU4030 Basic Switch is priced at $895. The SMU4032 High Accuracy Instrumentation Switch is priced at $1,295. All products are stock to three weeks.

(206) 524-4074

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