Reinforced ABS Plastic Shelf increases ladder safety.

Press Release Summary:

Installed by hooking onto ladder rungs, My Ladder Hand provides 11 x 14 in. shelf on which to hold tools, materials, and supplies. Safety is increased by permitting OSHA-recommended 3-point-of-contact climbing and eliminating need to hold and balance working tools. Shelf also helps prevent dropped tools and eliminates need for multiple trips up/down ladder to retrieve tools. Ladder compatibility includes commercial extension ladders, multi-purpose ladders, small step ladders, and more.

Original Press Release:

Introducing My Ladder Hand

My Ladder Hand LLC, based in Owensboro, Kentucky, is announcing their new product also called My Ladder Hand. Our product is a reinforced ABS plastic shelf that can be used on a variety of ladders including commercial extension ladders, most multi-purpose ladders, some small step ladders, and more. Our patent-pending product is a unique, simple design with nothing like it on the market. My Ladder Hand is manufactured, assembled and distributed 100% in the USA.

Currently available at, we look forward to nationalwide distribution later this summer. My Ladder Hand was introduced at the 2011 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas this Spring.

My Ladder Hand is easily installed by simply hooking it onto the rungs of the ladder and, voila, you have an 11 by 14 inch shelf ready to hold your tools, materials and supplies within easy reach. Safety is greatly increased by permitting the OSHA-recommended three-point-of-contact climbing and eliminating the need to hold and balance your working tools. Now, no more dropped or broken tools - no more multple trips up and down to retrieve dropped items!

Whether you are homeowner, professional tradesman or handyman, My Ladder Hand will make your work more efficient, safer and, best of all, easier.

Company owners, Cal Perry and Michael Bradfield, would be happy to hear from you to provide more information.

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