Reid Announces Customized Industrial Products

Muskegon, Michigan - Reid Supply Company has an exhaustive catalogue of industrial supplies, but no supplier can carry every conceivable piece of industrial equipment down to the individual component. This is why Reid Supply announces its own state-of-the-art precision tool components and machining company to create industrial products on demand for clients, via their sister company Total Quality Machining (TQM).

Industry demands sometimes call for modifying existing industrial parts. When trying to solve a problem, it is often better to rework existing parts rather than starting from scratch and designing and buying all new industrial products.

"Reid, through TQM, is able to fully customize many standard industrial parts that we have on-hand, as well as create new industrial products," says John Carrier, President of Reid Supply Company. "This service is not offered by our competition and allows our customers to get exactly what they need."

Reid Supply's TQM machine shop staff employs high-end computer numerical control (CNC) programmable machining centers to provide their clients with the right solutions to their custom industrial equipment needs. With programmable CNC machining equipment, their vast library of CAD drawings acts as a virtual template for controlled and precise production, which is a necessary component of custom industrial equipment work. While there are plenty of craftsmen that can do amazing custom work on industrial supplies, programmable CNC tools provide reproducible accuracy and precision for both small and large size batch orders.

"If a client ever needs to re-order a custom job, all of the information remains on file and ready to be used to fulfill further orders," says Carrier.

Custom work on industrial supplies is like a moving target. Sometimes a set of custom tooling balls is required, and other times a rework has to be done on entire systems. TQM works on both sized scales. They can create custom workholding solutions, manufacture non-standard size industrial supplies, and work all the way up to custom industrial equipment systems.

"Our TQM clients have business needs that range from the small to the very large, so we match our machining capabilities to those requirements, says Carrier. "Ultimately, all of our clients receive the same level of precision on industrial products whether they are components with very tight tolerances or a rework of an entire system."

Reid Supply and Total Quality Machining subscribes to the 'do it right the first time' mentality in order to guarantee exceptional performance in all of their standard and custom industrial products.

About Reid Supply Company

Reid Supply Company is a Michigan-based industrial supply company known in the manufacturing and construction community for over 60 years. They stock standard as well as hard-to-find products for manufacturers and general consumers worldwide including Manufacturing; CAD and Engineering; Transportation Construction; Food Processing; Packaging; Oil, Gas and Alternative Energy; Government; Aerospace; and Medical.

Reid's product offering features these color-coded categories:

Knobs, Handles and Hand Wheels

Clamps and Workholding

Tooling Components

Fasteners and Hardware

Leveling Devices and Vibration Control

Material Handling

Bearings and Power Transmission


Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Structural Systems


Apparel and Footwear

Packaging and Shipping Supplies offers all of the company's products, plus free CAD drawings on more than 90% of their catalogued parts. The website also offers an extensive knowledge base that includes online industrial tools and calculators as well as an informative and entertaining monthly e-newsletter.

For more information about Reid Supply Company call 800-253-0421 or go online at

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