Regulators control pressure and ensure gas purity.

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Smart Indicating Regulator(TM) Series features purifier built onto output that prevents contamination of gas stream and serves as early warning of impurities. If gas contains contaminants, or if contaminants enter gas stream during cylinder change out, purifier media begins to turn color. When all media changes color, purifier is depleted and cartridge should be changed. Units include 2-stage pressure control, diaphragm packless valve, and 4 outlet pressure range.

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Airgas Launches Smart Indicating Regulators at PITTCON

CHICAGO, IL - March 8, 2004 - Airgas, Inc. (NYSE: ARG) launched today the Smart Indicating Regulator (SIR(TM)) series of regulators while at the 2004 Pittsburgh Conference in Chicago, IL. The newly patented SIR series provides accurate pressure control while ensuring gas purity.

According to Frank Kandl, Airgas national technical manager - specialty gas equipment, the new series of SIR regulators represents a totally new concept in gas management systems used in analytical processes.

"We are focused on matching the right gas with the right equipment, making our customers' gas handling the most efficient possible while maintaining the purity of the gas stream. We pride ourselves on offering customers the total solutions to fit their needs," said Kandl. "By partnering with Airgas, customers can be assured they will find the gases they need, and a whole lot more."

The SIR series of regulators has a purifier built onto the regulator output that prevents contamination of the gas stream and serves as an early warning of impurities. If the gas contains contaminants, or if contaminants enter the gas stream during cylinder change out, the purifier media begins to turn color. When all of the media in the purifier tube changes color, the purifier is depleted and the cartridge should be changed. The quick-change base allows the purifier to be changed without interrupting the gas flow.

The SIR series of regulators also eliminates GC detector base line issues. SIR regulator users can maintain a constant base line after cylinder change out, eliminating the need to purge for hours. Additional design features include a two-stage pressure control with optional color mount nuts that maintains constant outlet pressure, a diaphragm packless valve with Swagelok® fitting that promotes system purity, and a four outlet pressure range that provides application pressure compatibility.

The Airgas Y12-SIRGC145 Series features a block-and-bleed purge incorporated into the inlet that will completely contain and prevent all contaminants from entering the gas stream. The Airgas Y12-SIR145 Series features a check valve in the CGA nipple that prevents mass contaminants from entering the regulator. The purifier also removes small amounts of contaminants that may enter the regulator during cylinder change outs. The regulator portion is specially cleaned for all analytical applications and will not generate contaminants that consume the purifier.

For more information about specialty gas equipment, including the new SIR series of regulators, contact local Airgas specialty gas specialists located throughout the United States.

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