REGO-FIX® to Feature New Toolholding Solutions at EASTEC

Indianapolis, Indiana, April 4, 2008 - REGO-FIX® will display an extensive lineup of toolholding products in booth #5449 at EASTEC 2008. The REGO-FIX ER Coolant Flush Disk will be featured alongside the company's new metallic sealed collets and other solutions in precision toolholding from May 22-24 at the Eastern States Exposition Grounds in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

REGO-FIX's Swiss-quality ER Coolant Flush Disk is an ideal cooling and lubricating solution for users without coolant through tools. Equipped with a long nose that acts like a directional spray nozzle, the flush disks are able to direct coolant down the shaft to the cutting tip of an endmill for extended tool life, efficient chip removal and improved results. They are also designed to be fully compatible with all REGO-FIX collets and coolant nuts, and can be interchanged with sealing disks according to the required tool shank diameter.

REGO-FIX is expanding its line of revolutionary ER collets with a range of metallic sealed collets. Designed to seal the tool to the collet and the collet to the toolholder, this product is ideal for applications that require coolant pressures up to 2000 psi through the tool. The Swiss-quality metallic sealed collets are designed for universal use, working with any standard or friction-bearing nut. As a result, users do not need to purchase special coolant nuts or disks for coolant sealing.

REGO-FIX will also feature its new ISO 20 holders at EASTEC. Designed to operate with the Haas Office Mill, the holders are balanced for 30,000 rpm and currently offered in ER 16. Additional ISO 20 holders will be available in the coming months for use with powRgrip and other REGO-FIX toolholding systems.

REGO-FIX developed the PG Microbore Collets to counteract inaccuracies caused by runout when using small diameter cutting tools for high precision machining, the new series of collets achieves a T.I.R. < 0.0001" (3 µm) or better after 20,000 tool changes. REGO-FIX designed the collets to be fully compatible with all PG 10 toolholders and machines.

Also featured in booth #5449 is REGO-FIX's revolutionary powRgrip PG 32 system. Unmatched in the industry, the PG 32 system uses a toolholder and collet to generate the highest clamping force in the industry - higher than any shrink-fit holder - while still maintaining a T.I.R of less than 0.0001". The powRgrip PG 32 also gives customers the ability to clamp tool shanks ranging up to 1" in diameter, an increase from the previous maximum clamping capacity of .75". The toolholding system is ideal for high speed machining applications, and offers an extensive taper selection, including CAT, BT, HSK and TC versions. Like all powRgrip toolholders, the PG 32 is balanced by design, improving part quality and surface finish, and lowering manufacturing costs.

REGO-FIX offers a comprehensive line of HSK holders in a variety of forms and sizes that are compatible with the company's ER collet and powRgrip systems. Manufactured per DIN standard 69893, REGO-FIX HSK toolholders are balanced by design to G2.5 at 25,000 RPM, making them ideal for high speed machining applications. REGO-FIX offers a comprehensive line of HSK holders in a variety of forms and sizes, and is compatible with the company's ER collet and powRgrip systems. Additionally, REGO-FIX HSK toolholders seamlessly integrate with all REGO-FIX components, including Hi-Q balancing rings, for superior balance and unmatched TIR accuracy.


With US headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, REGO-FIX is a world leader in the manufacture of Swiss precision tooling. For more information on REGO-FIX, its products and services, or to request a catalog, please call 1-800-REGO-FIX or visit the company's website at

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