Refrigerated Vertical Carousel presents waist-high pieces.

Press Release Summary:

Automated storage and retrieval system's vertically arranged rotating carrier shelves bring needed items to operator. Carousel is designed to maintain temperature at consistent level (as low as 32 degrees F). Exterior is constructed of 4 in. thick wood framed panels and poured urethane foam enclosed in metal skin. Its fully automated sliding glass doors provide unobstructed picking from carrier.

Original Press Release:

Remstar Refrigerated Vertical Carousels Improve Productivity, Inventory Control In Industrial Equipment Operations

The refrigerated vertical carousel automated storage and retrieval system from Remstar International Inc. offers improved inventory management, reduces errors and significantly increases space utilization in industrial applications.

Refrigerated vertical carousels provide high-density storage with quick access to items via a system of vertically arranged rotating carrier shelves that brings the exact item to the operator. Because operators don't have to spend time searching for items in frigid storage conditions inside refrigerated units, productivity can often increase by more than 2.5 times when compared with traditional walk-in refrigerated storage systems used in industrial applications. Storage and retrieval costs can also be reduced since operators do not need to wear costly insulated clothing.

The Remstar refrigerated vertical carousel is designed to maintain temperature at a consistent level, as low as 32 degrees F, to protect items. Since only the vertical carousel is cooled rather than the surrounding space, system efficiency is improved. The unit exterior is constructed of four-inch-thick wood framed panels and poured urethane foam enclosed in a metal skin. Fully automated sliding glass doors allow operators to view shelf contents without letting refrigerated air escape. Automated doors provide unobstructed picking from the carrier. The doors can be activated by a pressure-sensitive mat, timer or task complete button. An optional door heating system keeps doors clear of condensation build-up. Traditional hinged or sliding doors are also available.

A Remstar designed controller links the vertical carousel operating system and the cooling system allowing the carousel to rotate periodically to keep the temperature of stored items uniform throughout the unit. The system controls defrost cycles and allows warning alarms to be easily set.

The access area of refrigerated vertical carousels is ergonomically designed to present stored items at an ideal height for picking, about waist high. This location of the access area contributes to employee safety and improved productivity when compared with bending and climbing associated with conventional shelving.

The vertical design of the refrigerated carousel takes advantage of unused overhead space to recover up to 75 percent of a conventional storage system's occupied floor space. Improved space utilization can extend the useful life of existing facilities and consolidate multiple facilities, while eliminating the need for expensive brick and mortar expansion to meet growth requirements. The system is also capable of going through multiple floors allowing for access at multiple levels.

The refrigerated vertical carousel meets all international regulations and agreements regarding the use and phase out of chlorofluorocarbons. Its compressor and condenser units can be installed on the outside or top of the vertical carousel or outside of a building rather than taking up valuable floor space in the work area. The evaporator is mounted inside of the ceiling of the systems enclosure to provide efficient, direct cooling to stored items. Carrier shelves can be configured to hold a variety of bin sizes, allowing the efficient storage of small and large items.

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