Refractron Porous Ceramic Plates & Discs for Fluid Bed Applications

As fluid bed and pneumatic conveying applications increase, system manufacturers are depending on Refractron Technologies for a uniform porous medium. Refractron supplies discs from two to 20-inches in diameter or plates up to 12 inches square. The company can also design and manufacture custom shapes and sizes for specific applications.

Both fluid bed and pneumatic conveying technology depend on a bed of carefully controlled, clean air to buoy and move bulk products like the potash used in the manufacture of fertilizer. The air needs to be pure to maintain the purity of the product being moved and carefully controlled to be sure the material is moved at the speed and in the direction desired. Porous ceramic, with its tightly control pore size and porosity, is the material of choice.

Refractron's ceramic membrane material can be specified with pore sizes ranging from 0.25 to 6 microns and its monolithic ceramic material can be specified from 6 to 90 microns. Porous ceramics are designed for the most hostile environments, such as the abrasive, alkaline environment of moving ash via a fluid bed.

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