Refractometer tests glycols and car batteries.

Press Release Summary:

Model DR35-Glycol Digital Refractometer reads measurements of propylene glycols, ethylene glycol, and specific gravity of batteries in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It provides accuracy of ±0.5°F and ±0.01 specific gravity. Handheld, battery-operated unit includes corrosion-resistant, stainless steel sample stage, 0.75 in. LCD display, and automatic temperature compensation. It requires only 0.4 ml sample and provides automatic measurement with optical sensor.

Original Press Release:

Glycol Digital Refractometer - Measures Ethylene/Proplyene Glycol and Battery Specific Gravity with Accuracy of ±0.5° F and ±0.01 Specific Gravity

Kemco Instruments Co., Inc. is pleased to introduce its Model DR35-Glycol Digital Refractometer (battery operated) designed to read accurate measurements of propylene glycols, ethylene glycol, and specific gravity of batteries in cars, trucks and other vehicles. Unit is hand held, weighing only 8 oz. and measures a compact 7 1/4" x 2 1/4" X 1 3/4". Unit is easy to use; simply place a drop or solution on the sample, then push button for instant LCD readout. Uses 1 each 9V alkaline battery.

To request catalog call 1-800-325-3875.

o Automatic measurement with optical sensor
o Automatic temperature compensation
o Corrosion resistant stainless steel sample stage
o Large 0.75" LCD display
o Minimizes the possibility of human error associated with other
o Small sample required: 0.4mL
o Two Year Warranty
o Waterproof case


Model              Range           Resolution       Accuracy
DR-Glycol °F

Propylene Glycol 32° to -50°F 0.1 ±0.5
Ethylene Glycol 32° to -50°F 0.1 ±.05
(Specific Gravity) 1.10 to 1.30 0.01sg ±0.01sg

DR-Glycol °C

Propylene Glycol 0 to -50 0.1 ±0.2
Ethylene Glycol 0 to -50°C 0.1 ±0.2
(Specific Gravity) 1.10 to 1.30 0.1 ±.02

For additional information write to:

Kernco Instruments Co., Inc.
420 Kenazo Avenue
El Paso TX 79928-7339
Phone: 915-852-3375
Fax: 915-852-4084
Contact: John P Kelly, General Manager

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