Refractometer measures coolant and battery charge.

Press Release Summary:

Model DC70 battery/coolant tester measures freezing and/or boiling point for ethylene and propylene glycol. It also measures specific gravity, battery charge conditions, and percent concentration level. Unit is waterproof, eliminating condensation of liquids. It helps prevent engine damage from cavitation corrosion.

Original Press Release:

New Battery/Coolant Tester (Refractometer) To Measure Freezing/Boiling Point Of Temperatures, Specific Gravity As Well As The Concentration Levels of Ethylene And Propylene Glycol - With Automatic Temperature Compensation

Kemco Instruments Co., Inc. is pleased to introduce its Model DC70 battery/coolant tester (refractometer) designed to measure the freezing and/or boiling point of temperature for ethylene and propylene glycol. This model also measures specific
gravity, battery charge conditions and also has the unique feature of measuring percent concentration level of both ethylene and propylene glycols. Unit has a rugged design and
is also waterproof which eliminates condensation of liquids.

Special Features
This engine coolant/battery tester (refractometer) provides an accurate, fast and easy-to-use way to test engine coolant freeze point, glycol concentration and battery charge conditions. The capability to monitor accurately coolant/water mixes provides adequate protection against freeze-up or boil-over. Correct coolant concentration ensures the coolant viscosity and heat transfer properties are correct. This low-priced tool helps you
prevent engine damage from cavitation corrosion, and helps provide a worry-free, trouble-free cooling system operation. Measures both coolant and battery charge with a single instrument. Available in two models: °F or °C freeze point protection; both easily calibrated with distilled water.

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