Refractometer has IR port for 2-way communication with PC.

Press Release Summary:

Model AR200 digital automatic refractometer uses high-resolution (3,600 cells), linear scanned array imaging to achieve 0-95% brix (concentration) measurement range with 0.1% accuracy. It also measures refractive index from 1.3300-1.5600 nD with ±0.0001 nD accuracy. Hand held, portable unit measures 7 x 3.75 x 1.37 in., is user-programmable via flash memory operating software, and includes 4 reading modes: nD, brix, nD-TC (temperature comp), brix-TC.

Original Press Release:

New Wide Range Hand Digital Refractometer with IR Port for 2 Way Communication with a PC

Kernco Instruments Co. Inc. is pleased to introduce the Model AR200 digital automatic refractometer, a hand held unit with the capabilities and features normally found only in bench top laboratory instruments. The Model AR200 a automatic digital portable unit measure a range of 0-95% brix (concentration) with an accuracy of 0.1% as well as measuring refractive index nD in a range of 1.3300 to 1.5600 with an accuracy of ±0.0001 nD. The instrument uses high resolution (3600 cells), patented, linear scanned array imaging to achieve a range and accuracy comparable with most laboratory models.

This versatile can be used in all industries and applications with equal success because it is user programmable, and user can set it up to read in corn syrup, glycols, salinity, serum protein, urine specific gravity, industrial fluids, cutting oils and lubricants, and other concentrations such as starch solids for adhesives, paper, and textile applications. This is all accomplished by "flash memory" operating software.

Most important this unique system sells for under $1,200.00.

Special features and advantages:

o Compact size: 7" x 3.75" x 1.37"
o Comes pre-calibrated and with 4 reading modes installed which are nD, brix, nD-TC, Brix-TC (TC = temperature comp.)
o LCD panel display
o An IR port for 2 way communications with PC
o Software features include 1 or multi-point calibration (set and span) delay timer, temp. equilibration sensing and reading/data storage
o Alternate scales available via custom channel programming
o Automatic Temp. Compensation - from 32-110°F (0-60°C)
o An auto off/sleep mode extends battery life, and low battery detection is built-in
o Principle of operation: critical angle, reflective light refractive index
o Dual temperature sensors-prism and ambient
o CE approved
o Rugged: survives 6 times drop - 1 per side from 36", optics and sensing element mounted to single diecast frame

For additional information, write to:

Kernco Instruments Co. Inc.
420 Kenazo Avenue
El Paso TX 79928-7339

Phone: 915-852-3375
Fax: 915-852-4084

Contact: John P. Kelly
Sales Director

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