Refillable Permeation Tubes accommodate light hydrocarbons.

Press Release Summary:

Used in FlexStream™ calibration gas generator to produce ppm and ppb mixtures directly from pure gases, Trace Source™ 57 Series only use gas phase of compound. Controlling pressure in tube allows high-vapor pressure compounds – methane, ethane, ethylene – to be dispensed by permeation. Emission rate is proportional to compound pressure in tube, and attainable single-step dilution ratios from 1000:1 to >50,000,000:1 allow ppb mixtures to be made directly from pure analyte compound.

Original Press Release:

Permeation Tubes for Light Hydrocarbons


• Trace Methane, Ethane, Ethylene

• Carbon Dioxide

• Carbon Monoxide

• Nitric Oxide

• Diluting Multi-Component Mixtures

The Kin-Tek Trace Source™ 57 Series refillable permeation tubes extend the range of analyte compounds to include light hydrocarbons and other gases with vapor pressures too high for conventional permeation tubes.  The 57 Series tubes are used in the Kin-Tek FlexStream™ calibration gas generator to produce ppm and ppb mixtures directly from pure gases.

Typically permeation tubes contain a liquefied analyte under its vapor pressure at the operating temperature of the permeation tube.  This limits the range of compounds available in permeation tubes.  57 Series tubes use only the gas phase of the compound. Controlling the pressure in the tube allows high vapor pressure compounds such as methane, ethane, or ethylene to be dispensed by permeation.  Emission rate is proportional to the compound pressure in the tube.  For very low emission rates the compound can be sealed in the tube.  For higher emission rates tubes should be used with the FlexStream™ GF Module to allow for compound pressure control and periodic purge and refill.

Mixtures can also be diluted if the tube is certified for each gas in the mixture.  Single step dilution ratios of 1000:1 to over 50,000,000:1 can be attained allowing ppb mixtures to be made directly from the pure analyte compound.

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