Redundant Control System suits press manufacturers.

Press Release Summary:

CM-1805-AS control module and 9020C console clutch/brake controls meet/exceed OSHA and ANSI standards for control reliability. Control module is comprised of 2 embedded PLCs with 48 DC and 4 AC inputs, 8 AC solid state and 5 relay outputs, 1 Redundant Captive Contact Safety Relay, one RS232 serial port, and 6 LED inputs, each. All control relays and safety relays are socketed for field replacement. All I/O have LED indicators for diagnostics.

Original Press Release:

Entertron Introduces Redundant Control System for Press Manufacturers

Gasport, NY - July 14, 2003 -- Entertron Industries Inc., the innovation leader in embedded programmable logic controller solutions, in conjunction with KTI Technologies (Jamesburg, NJ) have introduced a redundant control system designed specifically for press manufacturers.

The CM-1805-AS can do what usually requires 2 PLCs and 2 safety relays for redundancy and safety. The CM-1805-AS control module and the 9020C console clutch/brake controls meet or exceeds OSHA 1910.217 and ANSI B11.1-1988 standards for control reliability.

Operation / Off - Inch - Single - Continuous

Continuous arm operation

Top-Stop operation

Anti-Tie-Down function

Anti-Repeat function

System start-stop operation

SPM range 10 to 300 per min

Part stroke provision capability

Self-diagnostic display

Dual-logic power supplies

Micro-Inch operation

Brake valve detection

Positional Brake monitor feature

Captive contact safety relays

Chain brake detection

The CM-1805-AS is comprised of two embedded programmable logic controllers comprising the following I/O for each controller:

120 VAC on board power transformer

48 DC inputs (1 can be utilized as a High Speed Counter) (96 total)

4 AC inputs (8 total)

8 AC solid state outputs (16 total)

5 relay outputs (socketed and fused with noise suppression) (10 total)

1 Redundant Captive Contact Safety Relay (2 total)

1 RS232 serial port for message display (2 total)

6 LED inputs for board to board diagnostic (12 total)

All control relays and safety relay are socketed for field replacement. Fuses are field replaceable as well. All I/O have LED indicators for diagnostics.

KTI Technologies provides the controllers as either a complete panel solution (9020) or as a component assembly for installation (CM-1805-AS). A message display can be ordered with the component assembly (standard with panel solution) that includes 75 messages.

The CM-1805-AS can be used by either OEM press manufacturers or end users looking to upgrade their press equipment to meet current OSHA and ANSI requirements.

Other applications that require redundancy can utilize the CM-1805-AS control system. A solution can be programmed by KTI Technologies.

The CM-1805-AS Sub Panel includes the following:

Two controllers

Terminal strips for wiring

Message Display

Mounting plate

Pricing starts at $3200.00 US for the above configuration.

For product information and additional pricing options, please contact KTI technologies at (732) 446-3933

About Entertron:

Entertron Industries is an American manufacturer of embedded programmable logic controllers, offering operator interfaces, touch screens and other peripherals since 1978. Solutions have been successfully deployed in various industries ranging from mobile applications requiring 12 VDC power (car crushers, radio frequency remote controls, parade floats); 24 VAC applications (car washes and HVAC) to your more traditional applications for PLCs (vehicle restraints, elevators, packaging equipment).


Stephen Luft

Entertron Industries, Inc.

Phone: (716) 772-7216



About KTI Technologies:

KTI Technologies was establish in 1994. Our commitment is to supply the metal forming industry with low cost, highly reliable safety light curtains, die-protection equipment, press controls and automation systems.


Ken Kazar

KTI Technologies Inc.

Phone: (732) 446-3933



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