RedSky Announces Enhancements to its Emergency On-site Notification Product

CHICAGO, Oct. 12 // -- RedSky Technologies, Inc., the leading developer of E911 and other location information management solutions, today announces enhancements to its Emergency On-site Notification (EON) product. An optional feature of the company's award-winning E911 Manager solution, EON notifies local security personnel, network administrators and corporate security administrators of 911 calls that are in progress within the enterprise and pinpoints the exact location of the caller so help can be sent where it's needed.

New EON functionally takes advantage of the location information captured and managed by E911 Manager to give customers more options for routing emergency notifications and defining the type of information each person receives. For example, when a 911 call is made within an enterprise, administrators can decide whether notifications should be sent only to emergency responders located in the building from where the call is originating or to emergency responders throughout the enterprise. Meanwhile, corporate security managers could receive detailed call reports in addition to being notified of emergencies in all buildings in the enterprise.

"EON represents a new class of location-based services," said Tony Maier, CEO of RedSky Technologies. "With our new EON capabilities, we are delivering contextual data that enables rapid, on-site emergency response and corporate-wide visibility to real-time emergency situations to only those emergency personnel within an enterprise who need it."

RedSky's E911 Manager is an automated software application that integrates with PBXs and VoIP call servers to capture, manage and deliver real-time location information for digital, analog and IP phones. Designed with the distributed enterprise in mind, a single E911 Manager server supports an entire organization whether it has a single location in one city or multiple locations throughout the country. E911 Manager is built using the .NET framework to meet the scalability and security requirements of the modern enterprise while leveraging the enhanced features of web services.

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RedSky Technologies, Inc. helps enterprises and service providers capture, manage and deliver the detailed location information necessary to provide effective 911 emergency response and other location-based services. More than 200 customers, including 50 Fortune 500(R) companies, use RedSky's E911 Manager to automate their E911 processes. Headquartered in Chicago, RedSky has partnerships with other leaders in the telecommunications and 911 industries to help shape 911 policy, leverage emerging technology and comply with evolving regulatory requirements. For more information on RedSky, visit

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