Redprairie Integrates Asset Management Capabilities with Warehouse Management Solution

Functionality previously available only in Mobile Resource Management solution introduced in new release

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity software provider, has introduced new capabilities to its Warehouse Management solution, integrating much of the Asset Management functionality found in its Mobile Resource Management application. The enhanced solution will now provide Web visibility for serialized assets, and enhanced integration of RFID yard transactions.

"In previous years, organizations often had to use separate programs to track inventory and assets in motion," says RedPrairie VP Product Strategy, Tom Kozenski. "Trailers could be tracked in the yard, and pallets and inventory could be followed within the warehouse with these systems, but once they were en route to a destination, a different solution had to be used to provide true visibility. RedPrairie's Warehouse Management can now track these assets via the Web, and adjust loading and unloading procedure to match specific locations."

RedPrairie's enhanced Warehouse Management solution will now also provide improved visibility into inventory and workforce over multiple buildings in a facility, as well as support for carrier moves, and the ability to dispatch trailers in mass. All of these features combined will provide for easier management of moving assets critical to warehouse operations.

"Continued integration of RedPrairie capabilities allows our customers to consolidate functionality into a single package," says RedPrairie CEO Mike Mayoras. "In the end, this means lower total cost of ownership, and greater return on investment."


RedPrairie delivers productivity solutions to help companies around the world in three categories - inventory, transportation and workforce. RedPrairie provides these solutions to manufacturers, distributors and retailers looking to reduce cost, increase sales and create competitive advantage.

With over 20 global offices providing services to over 40,000 sites in 50 countries, companies trust RedPrairie inventory, workforce and transportation solutions to deliver an immediate increase in productivity - with the flexibility to adapt as business needs change.

At RedPrairie, we understand today's operational demands and we're committed to delivering solutions that work. We're committed to delivering solutions for the real world.

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