Redesigned Standard Module Clips, DCS-1306 and DCS-1307

Hopkinton, Mass. - A few years ago the folks at Nine Fasteners, Inc., a global distributor of high performance solar wire management products asked their solar customers what was their biggest business problem after the job was complete.

Without hesitation the unanimous answer was that the solar wires would chafe because of the sharp edges on the clips and would have to be replaced, wasting time and money unnecessarily.

So Nine Fasteners went to work solving that problem, and redesigned their standard module clips, DCS-1306 and DCS-1307. The resulting sale of millions of radiused clips made clear that they found a fantastic solution for all solar installers.

By making all their clips with radiused (or curled) edges, Nine Fasteners has eliminated the sharp edges on clips and given installers a safe, secure, long-lasting clip, contrary to published reports in a recent magazine article that declared there was no perfect solution to this vexing chafing problem.

Nine Fasteners guarantees that the wires attached to its clips will not chafe, and in the last several years of distribution the clips have proven that they have held up without fail.

The radiused edges on Nine Fasteners' Enphase series wire clips, the DCX-2452A (for rails) the DCS-1414 (for modules) and the DCX-2465A (90 degree for modules) have also contributed to Nine's success in eliminating chafing.

"In a down economy, our business is booming," said Mike Marino, Nine Fasteners' national sales manager. "The radiused edges have allowed our distributors' installer customers to have confidence that they won't have to worry about losing profit because of shorts caused by chafing!"

Nine Fasteners, based in Massachusetts, also makes a series of specials for companies like Unirac and SolarWorld as well.

Selling to electrical and solar product distributors, as well as solar facilitators, Nine Fasteners also makes and sells thousands of in-stock fasteners, screws, bolts, nuts, and cabinet handles.

Specifications, pricing and samples are available through Nine Fasteners by contacting them at 1-800-539-3939, or by visiting them on the Web at

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