Redesigned Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators Released

ENEVA, OH 1/16/07 - TEGAM, Inc. announces the release of the newly redesigned 2700A Hybrid Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators. Offered in both single and dual channels, the 2700A series has the largest waveforms, widest bandwidth, and fastest rise time in its price class. External reference and synchronization are also included.

Using a hybrid waveform generator design, TEGAM combined the best of both methods in signal generation. Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) techniques provide simplicity and superior sweep/modulation performance; while true arbitrary waveform generation allows you to recreate any user-defined signal at the highest level of integrity.

WaveWorks DDS(TM) waveform creation software, which is included at no additional cost, offers graphical tools to allow the creation and customization of virtually any waveform type.

U.S. pricing for the 2700A series starts at $1,695 and units are in stock and available for quick delivery. All of the products feature a unique hybrid design that combines the simplicity of a function generator with the precision of a true arb.

TEGAM, Inc., headquartered in Geneva, OH, is in the business of improving measurements. TEGAM helps customers to be more productive by making instrumentation easier to use, more accurate and faster. TEGAM's specific areas of expertise include waveform generators, precision amplifiers, RF power calibration and low level measurements. For more information, please contact Kim Niznik Goff, arketing Projects Coordinator, at 440-466-6100 or visit


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