Recycling System continually filters solution.

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STW(TM) (Stop The Waste) system performs water and chemical recycling in cleaning and pretreatment systems. Typically able to reduce water and chemical use by up to 95%, system continuously filters and recycles water-chemical solution, giving users control over pH level and amount of phosphate cleaning agent. It collects water-chemical solution from wash-bay, processes solution thru filtration system, and continues to recycle solution thru filters until drawn out for use.

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STW Recycling System(TM)

The STW (Stop The Waste) Recycling System takes a revolutionary approach to water and chemical recycling in cleaning and pretreatment systems.

With the STW, companies will experience much greater control over chemical-to-water ratios to enhance the cleaning capabilities. Water and chemical use is typically reduced by up to 95%.

Used in your cleaning, or pretreatment phase, the STW collects the water-chemical solution from the wash-bay. The STW processes the solution thru its filtration system, and then continues to recycle the solution thru its filters until drawn out for use. The solution is then pumped back to the power washer in the cleaning system.

By reusing the same solution, you have greater control over the pH level and the amount of phosphate cleaning agent in your water-chemical solution.

Additionally, instead of having to neutralize and dispose of the water-chemical solution, you are continually filtering and recycling it. A company using 15,000 to 18,000 gallons of water and 165 to 185 gallons of chemical cleaning agent a month can expect to decrease their usage to under 3,500 gallons of water and 10 gallons of cleaning agent a month by utilizing the STW Recycling System.

We are so sure of our STW Recycling System that we are offering a year supply of our recommended chemical (based on our yearly usage) with each unit. We will provide training on the use of the system. Product guarantee. Pricing so low that it is expected to be paid for in the first year.

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