Recycling Lawnmower features 3-in-1 design.

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Powered by 190cc Briggs and Stratton gas engine, 21 in. Super Recycler cuts grass clippings into tiny pieces that are returned to lawn, eliminating time spent on collection and disposal. It can be operated as straight recycler, with rear bag, or in side discharge mode. Available with recoil start or key-electric starting, unit features cast-aluminum deck, Personal Pace automatic drive system, and 4-point height-of-cut adjustment system.

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Go Green in the Garden with Toro's New 'Super Recycler' Lawnmower

ST. NEOTS, England, September 20/ --

- With Toro's New 53cm (21in) Super Recycler, Gardeners Can Reduce Greenhouse Gases From Green Waste Dumped in Landfills - and Also Chop Off a Third of the Time to Mow the Lawn

If you are looking to become a greener gardener, then the new Super Recycler lawnmower from Toro - available at dealers from October 1 - is just the thing. Toro say that the mower will also chop off around a third of the time it normally takes to mow the grass. This is because the machine cuts the clippings into tiny pieces that are returned to the lawn, so you don't need to collect the grass or spend time disposing of it.

Therefore gardeners who recycle their lawns in this way can also help to reduce greenhouse gases by cutting down on the amount of biodegradable garden waste being dumped in landfill sites.

The company, leaders in lawn recyclers, say they have refined recycler mowing even further with this new 53cm (21in) Super Recycler, claiming its gives gardeners the ultimate in mower flexibility, time-saving and ease of use.

There are four new models to choose from, all featuring a new, lightweight cast-aluminium deck that makes it easier to use the machine, especially tilting it backwards. Two of the machines also incorporate a completely redesigned, more compact version of Toro's innovative blade operating system. This further reduces weight, as well as noise, and, with the deck's redesigned 'kickers' or deflectors, gives improved recycling performance.

This operating system also features a safety device that stops the blade working if the mower is left with the engine still running. Other options include recoil start, at an easy height, or Key-electric starting.

The machines are loaded with useful, practical features, beginning with Toro's clever 3-in-1 design that enables the lawnmower to be operated in three different ways: as a straight recycler, with a rear bag, or in side discharge mode. This gives the machines total flexibility to cope with all grass conditions.

All the versions also incorporate Toro's ingenious Personal Pace automatic drive system that gives operators the freedom to mow at their own pace. So there is no more fighting the transmission, because the engine automatically matches the user's own walking pace.

Among other new features are a new pull-through bag-removal design, which reduces back strain; better handle balance, making the mower lighter to operate; and improved handle adjustment, from 93cm (36.5in) to 108cm (42.5in), for greater user comfort.

A 190cc Briggs and Stratton petrol engine powers the units; while a four-point height-of-cut adjustment system allows users to set the machine to cut at seven different heights between three and 11cm (1in and 4.5in).

Toro Super Recycler prices start at GBP649 including VAT.

For details of local dealers, go to - or contact distributor Lely (UK) Limited, Station Road, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 1QH. Tel: +44-1480-226800. Email:

The green benefits of a recycler lawnmower - and how the machine works

Toro says that recycler mowing is a great way for gardeners to help make the planet a safer, better place - and can also cut the time it normally takes to mow the grass by around a third.

The time-savings are made because recycler lawnmowers like their new Super Recycler return the clippings to the lawn, so there is no need to collect the grass and spend time disposing of it.

What's more, this is a great way in which gardeners can help reduce greenhouse gases by cutting down on the amount of biodegradable garden waste being dumped in landfill sites.

Recycler mowers also help to produce a stronger, healthier, better-looking lawn, because the grass is not scalped and the clippings are returned to the turf, where they quickly decompose and put moisture and nutrients back into the soil.

Toro recyclers work by employing a special rotary cutting deck with high-lift blades that create a powerful updraft. This lifts the grass for a clean, even cut and keeps cuttings airborne. Special 'kickers', or deflectors, underneath the deck divert the clippings back into the blade, where they are cut repeatedly before being injected into the grass, hidden from sight. No cuttings get left on top of the grass to spoil the look.

Toro is the acknowledged leader in recycler mowing technology, and claims to have the best, most comprehensive range of recyclers around. The company offers recycler versions of pretty well all its models from small, entry-level push mowers and walk power machines to riding mowers and tractors.

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