RecyclePak Provides a New Approach to Recycling & Waste Management for Veolia Environmental Services

Veolia Environmental Services, one of Australia's largest waste management, recycling and industrial services providers has announced the extension of its RecyclePak system to cover 6 main waste/recyclable streams including hazardous waste materials.

PYRMONT NSW, Australia - As a leader in waste management and recycling within Australia, Veolia Environmental Services can help businesses to reduce waste and recycle more, by implementing the RecyclePak system.

RecyclePak offers businesses the opportunity to divert a vast range of recyclable materials, with a dedicated bin/receptacle for each stream. RecyclePak therefore is now not only related to the recovery of hazardous materials such as e-waste, light globes and batteries, but now also offers a recycling solution for paper, mixed plastics, food organics, commingled recyclables (plastics, glass and aluminium), metals and general waste.

With increasing transport costs, increasing waste disposal levies and increasing regulation around reducing carbon footprints, the need for greater emphasis on business recycling has never been more important.

Veolia's RecyclePak allows businesses to recover these materials for reuse, therefore reducing the reliance on virgin materials, whilst also reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

The RecyclePak system involves 3-tiers of recycling; SilverPak, GoldPak and PlatinumPak. These tiers demonstrate not only how many waste streams a company chooses to recover, but also looks at the further implementation of waste and recycling education systems, and waste-related greenhouse gas reporting; all provided by Veolia Environmental Services.

Veolia also offers a range of associated RecyclePak educational support through a range of recycling posters and materials. These posters are designed to demonstrate exactly which materials can be placed in each receptacle. These posters cover every stream including but not limited to; paper and cardboard, commingled recyclables, food organics and mixed plastics.

About Veolia: Veolia Environmental Services is Australia's environmental services leader in all facets of waste and e-waste management and resource recovery, as well as industrial services such as Industrial Cleaning and Facilities Management. Veolia has over 30 years industry experience in implementing effective, innovative and sustainable Waste Management and Industrial Services solutions.

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CONTACT: Renee Fry, National Marketing & Communications Manager of Veolia Environmental Services, +61 2 8571 0109

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