Recycled Rubber Products Reduce Costs in Automotive Applications

A wide range of products such as radiator baffles, splash shields, fuel tank pads, suspension mounts, electrical boots, bumpers, mats, mud flaps, and seals that are manufactured from recycled rubber are being introduced by Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. of Sutton, Massachusetts.

Interstate Recycled Rubber Products are ideally suited for automotive and leisure equipment and related applications where costlier virgin materials are not necessary. Typical parts that can be manufactured from recycled rubber include absorbers, bumpers, isolators, mechanical gaskets, mounts, mud flaps, door seals, box liners, floor matting, and acoustical panels.

Conforming to SAE/ASTM D2000 callouts, GM6400MR, Chrysler MSEE26, Ford WSS-M2D492-A1, GM3805M, TMS6008, TMS6008, GSA A-A 52402, Toyota TS20001G, and Nissan specifications, Interstate Recycled Rubber Products are offered in two grades depending upon tensile strength, tear strength, elongation and hardness. Products can be supplied cut to customer requirements.

Interstate Recycled Rubber Products are priced according to complexity, quantity, and packaging requirements. Price quotations, samples, and literature are available upon request.

For more information contact:

Interstate Specialty Products, Inc.

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Sutton, MA 01590

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