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FileMaker Recruiter v2.0 provides recruiters with ready-to-use application that helps manage searches and communicate with clients and hiring managers. Features include user-controlled multi-window environment, built-in security with predefined privilege sets, and support for importing from email client address book. Software also offers customization and reporting capabilities, quick view of outstanding actions, and pop-up lists for data entry.

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FileMaker Upgrades Popular Recruiting Application

FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 Features New Security, Reporting and Search Management Capabilities for Corporate and Retained Recruiters

SAN FRANCISCO, (Macworld Expo and Conference), Jan. 10 -- FileMaker, Inc. announced today shipment of FileMaker Recruiter 2.0, a ready-to-use application that helps professional recruiters easily manage searches, identify and track candidates, and communicate with clients and hiring managers. FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 features several new capabilities since the application was first introduced in 2003, including a complete re-design of the application to take advantage of the award-winning FileMaker Pro 7, launched earlier in 2004.

Major improvements includes a user-controlled multi-window environment, built-in security with predefined privilege sets, support for importing from email client address book, more powerful reporting capabilities, and quick view of outstanding actions on the home page, including contact interactions, companies, group interactions and searches.

"FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 allows recruiters to spend more time on the higher value tasks of recruiting," said Chuck Spink, product manager, FileMaker Applications. "With an improved user interface and enhanced data entry, search, and reporting capabilities, FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 is an affordable tool for conducting effective candidate searches and placements."

New Recruiter 2.0 Features

Tightly integrated to leverage the flexibility and power of FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 includes many new features to make the recruiting process even more productive:

-- User-controlled multi-window environment

-- Built-in security with predefined privilege sets

-- More powerful and customizable reporting capabilities

-- Quick view of outstanding actions on the home page, including contact interactions, companies, groups and candidate searches

-- Pop-up lists for easier data entry

-- Serialized job number for each search

-- Current Compensation field for candidates

-- Defaults and preferences for contacts

-- Saved Find criteria

-- Support for improved data import from Microsoft Outlook and Macintosh OS Address Book

Ready-to-Use Search Management

FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 is designed to quickly identify the most important relationships and skills contained in each recruiter's network of contacts and resources. FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 helps recruiting professionals place candidates more quickly by coordinating the building of a contact network for each assignment. It helps with such tasks as managing introductions and communications with sources, candidates, and clients while also providing easy-to-generate reporting.

Although the application is ready to use upon installation, managers can choose to customize it further or use the more powerful database features that are part of FileMaker Pro 7. And FileMaker Recruiter is easy to install since no knowledge about database software is required. Recruiters can begin using the application immediately.

Pricing & Distribution

Owners of FileMaker Recruiter 1.x (1.0 or 1.1) can upgrade to Recruiter 2.0 for free. For first time buyers, FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 is affordably priced at $299.00 (U.S.) and is sold through FileMaker's Web Store ( It can be downloaded or purchased as a CD-ROM. Customers will also need to have FileMaker Pro 7 installed to run FileMaker Recruiter 2.0. Customers upgrading to FileMaker Pro 7 from FileMaker Pro 6 and buying Recruiter for the first time are eligible for a special bundled price of $298 (U.S.). Customers buying FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Recruiter for the first time can get both for the special bundled price of $448 (U.S.). Volume licensing is also available.

System Requirements

FileMaker Recruiter 2.0 requires FileMaker Pro 7 and runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4) or XP (Service Pack 1) and Apple's Mac OS X 10.2.8

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