Recovery Software restores drives, controllers, and HMIs.

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Windows-based DataGuard(TM) ensures survivability of information critical to operating company's Series 1100 and 2000 drives, Series 4000 controller, and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). It preserves exact configuration of system, or portion of system, at given point in time. Service personnel use it to get line running again in minutes, in event of data loss or corruption due to power surge, malfunction, or operator error.

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Franksville, WI - UNICO, Inc. announces the release of DataGuard(TM) Disaster Recovery Software. DataGuard(TM) is a powerful tool that ensures the survivability of information critical to operating a UNICO system. With DataGuard(TM), service personnel can quickly and easily get a line running again in the event of disastrous data loss or corruption due to a power surge, malfunction, or operator error. Two versions of DataGuard(TM) are available-one for drives and controllers and another for human-machine interfaces (HMIs). Together, they provide a total backup solution for any size control system.

DataGuard(TM) for Drives and Controllers guards against the loss of setup data and application software with UNICO's 1100 and 2000 series drives and with the 4000 series controller. The Windows-based program provides a complete set of tools for creating, restoring, and comparing archives. It also provides convenient access to important information such as system drawings, software documentation, and UNICO contacts. Both the recovery software and the initial data archive are supplied on a single CD-ROM.

DataGuard(TM) for HMIs protects against hard drive failures and other problems with Windows-based system interfaces. The program creates a complete image of the HMI computer's hard drive that incorporates not only HMI application and data files, but also the entire Windows environment, including port settings. Both the recovery software and archive are supplied on a single CD-ROM along with a floppy diskette for booting.

UNICO's DataGuard(TM) programs preserve the exact configuration of a system, or portion of a system, at a given point in time. Initially, archives are captured on site by a UNICO technician. Depending upon the complexity of the system, the process normally takes about an hour each for the drives/controller and HMI archives. Recovery CD-ROMs are then created at UNICO. One copy is provided for customer use, while a second is retained at UNICO for safekeeping. At any time, users may update their drive and controller backups by creating their own archives and storing them on disk.

When a catastrophe occurs, there's no time to learn new software. That's why the DataGuard(TM) programs are simple to use. They minimize the impact of a disaster by keeping downtime to a minimum. DataGuard(TM) for Drives and Controllers uses a familiar web browser interface. Users can quickly backup or restore data with point-and-click ease. On-line instructions give step-by-step assistance. Depending upon the system, drives and controllers can be restored in minutes-longer if the application software must be reloaded.

DataGuard(TM) for HMIs is equally easy to use. Boot the HMI from the floppy recovery disk, launch the recovery program, and select the appropriate function from the menu. DataGuard(TM) handles the rest, automatically restoring the HMI to its exact former configuration in about an hour. Compare this with the many hours or even days involved in the complex and troublesome task of rebuilding an HMI from scratch.

UNICO's DataGuard(TM)
* Reduces downtime in the event of data loss or software corruption
* Quickly restores system to running order
* Is customized to a specific application or system

For more information, please contact Gary Ison at 262-886-5678 or visit UNICO's web site at

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