Reclaim Systems - Keeping Down the Dust and Increasing Productivity

When you are blasting, does it seem to be a dust storm inside your cabinet and at times difficult to see the uniformity of your blast? This is because your reclaim isn't balanced correctly or you don't have one on your system. Dust can be considered the number one enemy of a blasting operation.

When purchasing or using a blast cabinet, many people feel the additional cost of a reclaim isn't warranted. The reclaim is the heart of a blast cabinet and a necessity when you are required to achieve consistent results from day to day. Keeping the dust down in your system not only results in improved visibility it dramatically improves consistency and productivity.

The function of the reclaim is to continually remove the dust and small particles from your abrasive pack. The reclaim is a centrifuge which separates the dust and small particles from the good media, sends the dust to a collector and returns the good media to the gun for re-blasting.

So what are some of the advantages of continually having consistently sized, dust free material coming out of a reclaim?

o Improves operator visibility and thus efficiency and productivity

o Less dust dramatically reduces wear on of your system

o Always blasting with "good" material reduces your blast labor time and therefore increases productivity

o Reduces your abrasive cost since you don't discard good abrasive.

o Most importantly it provides you with uniform, consistent blasting results from one day to the next.

As you can see the reclaim system does more than just keeping the dust down and is the key to making sure you meet your blasting requirements.

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