Receptacles, Cable Assemblies suit outdoor applications.

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With 45º angle design, 16 Series Panel Mount Receptacles have solid brass contacts and Santoprene(TM) TPV insulators. Products provide power for applications up to 400 A/600 V and are constructed to provide secure, reliable connectivity and uniform heat dissipation under load. Single-Pole Taper-Nose Corded Adapter Assemblies, available in soft paralleling tee, soft tapping-tee, soft 3-fer, and reverse soft 3-fer configurations, are rated 400 A/600 V and have lay-flat design for safe routing.

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Leviton Expands 16 Series Single-Pole Cam Offering with Taper-Nose 45º Panel Mount Receptacles and "Soft" Adapters

Made-in-the-USA products are ideal for secure, reliable temporary power distribution applications

Melville, New York -- Leviton has expanded its line of Single-Pole Cam-Type devices with Taper-Nose 45º Panel Receptacles and four varieties of Cable Assemblies designed to provide the utmost in reliable, durable connections for temporary power applications. Fully constructed in the USA, the devices are NEMA 3R-rated, making them ideal for a wide range of outdoor entertainment applications, including power distribution for concerts, sound stages, movie and television production, as well as other short-term power distribution applications.

Leviton's 16 Series Panel Mount Receptacles feature solid brass contacts and Santoprene(TM) TPV insulators capable of withstanding the most severe outdoor conditions. Devices can be used to provide power for applications up to 400A/600V. Their unique, superior construction (press-fitting two solid pieces of brass together) provides secure, reliable connectivity and uniform heat dissipation under load. Leviton's 45º angle design is ideal for environments where a 90º protrusion from the panel is impractical or not desirable.

Male and female receptacles are available with either double set screw or threaded stud terminations. Male devices are self-compensating to provide superior performance and long service life. Color-coded insulators (available in 5 colors) offer quick visual phase identification for connected loads.

Single-Pole Taper-Nose Corded Adapter Assemblies are available in the most common configurations: soft paralleling tee, soft tapping-tee, soft 3-fer and reverse soft 3-fer configurations. Also rated 400A/600V, the cable assemblies are built to the most stringent requirements. Their "lay flat" design ensures safe cable routing, and their color-coded insulations provide easy phase identification.

Receptacles and adapter assemblies are interchangeable/intermateable with other manufacturers' devices, and are UL listed, CSA Certified and backed by Leviton's Limited Two Year.Warranty

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