Receiver/Output Unit wirelessly enables existing DAQ systems.

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Able to receive information from sensors relayed via Eltek transmitter unit over distances up to 2,000 m, WSR (Wireless Sensor Receiver) converts incoming data into voltage signals that are then fed directly to DAQ or process control system. Self-contained, mains-powered receiver and output unit, available with 8 or 16 I/O, incorporates LCD that shows real-time metering of sensor values. Built-in batteries provide 48 hr of operation in case of mains failure.

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Adding Wireless Inputs to Existing Systems

WSR: Wireless Sensor Receiver

The new Eltek WSR (Wireless Sensor Receiver) allows you to convert many existing data acquisition systems to wireless operation.

Information from your sensors is relayed to the WSR via an Eltek transmitter unit over distances of up to 2000 metres, or even further if Eltek RP250GD repeater units are used.. The WSR converts the incoming data into voltage signals which are then fed directly to your data acquisition or process control system.

The user end of your system - the data acquisition system or data logger you already use together with your existing software - remains unchanged. The only change is the way the data gets to you - a wireless link from your sensors instead of or in addition to your existing wired sensors.

The WSR is a self-contained mains-powered receiver and output unit with built-in batteries providing 48 hours of operation in the event of a mains failure. An LCD is incorporated for real time metering of sensor values. The WSR is suitable for systems which accept 0-5VDC analogue inputs with slowly changing variables - typically measured every 10 seconds. Two models are available with 8 or 16 inputs/outputs.

Most Eltek GenII transmitters can be used with the WSR. The transmitter units are battery powered and can simply be placed where you need them. Transmitters can be configured using our set-up software and most models are available with an LCD display for local monitoring. Local audible and visual alarms can be built in to transmitters if required.

A technical data sheet is available for the WSR.

For further details please contact Eltek.

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