Reasons Why Over Molding is a Beneficial Manufacturing Process

Though often contrasted, style and substance are not mutually exclusive. Consumers want products that look beautiful while still delivering premium results, and in a world of increasing competition, manufacturers must be able to offer them both. Through over molding, companies can enhance their products both aesthetically and functionally at minimal cost or inconvenience.

An Overview of Over Molding

Over molding is the process of molding one material on top of another. Usually employed to make a product more ergonomic or to make stylistic changes, this process is typically used to combine two types of plastic materials.

The manufacturer uses an injection molding machine to insert raw molten material into the mold. Injection molds can be either vertical or horizontal. Manufacturers tend to get better results with vertical machines, as they lower production costs and increase output by taking advantage of gravity.

Manufacturers prefer over molding for making components and devices where strength and ergonomics are essential. The advantages of this method include:

Durable Designs

Although there are many methods for fusing different materials together sometimes debris, vibrations, and other sources of wear and tear eventually break the materials apart. Materials that have been molded together, however, allow them to withstand stress and debris without weakening.

Vibration Values

Over molding allows manufacturers to isolate materials that might be vulnerable to vibration and cushion them. Not only does this eliminate another potential source of damage, but it also reduces the amount of sound the product makes if it is dropped or disturbed.

Aesthetic Advantages

This method provides greater flexibility for manufacturers looking to add unique designs to their products. Materials of any color or combination of colors can be used depending on product specification and function.

Ergonomic Enhancements

Besides adding beauty and style to a product, over molding has practical benefits. Manufacturers can easily use this process to add handles of any shape or thickness to products without natural grips. It can also give sleek materials or coarse surfaces easier to grab or more comfortable.

Safety Solutions

Manufacturers can mold different durometer materials onto sharp corners or edges, reducing the risk that the product will injure someone.

Crescent Industries specializes in over molding utilizing vertical/vertical injection molding presses. We use the highest-quality equipment to quickly and efficiently over mold components and products for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, safety, defense, aerospace industries. For more information on the benefits and applications of over molding, visit our website today.

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