Real-Time SATA Drive Encryption Chip operates at 6 Gbps.

Press Release Summary:

Positioned between host SATA adapter and device SATA controller, X-Wall MX+ encrypts/decrypts entire SATA disk drive, including boot sector, temp files, and OS, with SATA Gen 3 speed at 6 Gbps. This SATA-to-SATA (Gen 3/2/1) real-time cryptographic ASIC protects data in transit and at rest with 256-bit AES ECB, CBC, or XTS. System performance is unaffected while product is engaged, and operation is OS independent (including embedded) as well as transparent to all users.

Original Press Release:

Enova Announces X-Wall MX+, SATA Gen 3 Real-time Encryption Chip Operating at 6 Gbps

Enova, the leading cryptographic ASIC engineering company, introduces X-Wall MX+, SATA-to-SATA (Gen 3, 2 & 1) Real-Time Cryptographic ASIC Protecting “Data-in-Transit” and “Data-at-Rest” with AES ECB/CBC/XTS 256-bit Strength.

The X-Wall® MX+, the 10th generation of patented[1 X-Wall Technology, is engineered specifically to encrypt/decrypt entire SATA disk drive including boot sector, temp files and operating system with SATA Gen 3 speed at 6Gbps. The X-Wall MX+ enhances both security and performance of its predecessor MX and is progressing for FIPS 140-2 level 2/3 certification.

How does it work?

The X-Wall MX+ sits between the host SATA adapter and the device SATA controller, encrypting the attached SATA drive with 256-bit AES ECB, CBC or XTS.

System performance with X-Wall MX+ engaged is unaffected.  X-Wall MX+ is OS independent including embedded OS.  Once authenticated, its operation is transparent to all users.

Full Disk Encryption, or FDE

The X-Wall MX+ is default to perform full disk encryption protecting entire Data-at-Rest.  The FDE solution is OS independent as no extra software component including driver is needed.

File/Folder Encryption, or FFE

With add-on software components, the X-Wall MX+ can be configured to protect Data-in-Transit such that confidential files stored in the Cloud remain MX+ hardware encrypted.  Only the right secret key can successfully decrypt those encrypted files.  The solution is OS dependent as it requires loading extra software component or driver.

Enhanced Security for Authentication

The X-Wall MX+ has equipped with HMAC, SHA256, RSA 2048, and DRBG, all in hardware.  Secure authentication through these cryptographic components is possible.  Key management can be versatile, which includes PIN/Password through Pre-boot authentication, TPM, Smartcard, Fingerprint, Single Sign On, or USB type external key token.  One or more factor authentications are applicable.

As the entire SATA disk drive is encrypted, there is no secret being left unprotected, including PIN and “Secret Key.”  In an X-Wall MX+ protected system, there is no way to read the data without the right “Secret Key.”  The X-Wall MX+ technology is compatible with all system designs incorporating standard SATA drive technologies.  A limited amount of sample chips will be made available for qualified customers for testing and evaluation.

Key Take Away

The X-Wall MX+ performs full disk encryption with NIST certified AES hardware at SATA Gen 3 speed with conserved power consumption and small foot print.  It can also be configured to adapt to securing cloud.  It is OS independent and allows secure authentication through built-in HMAC, SHA256, DRBG and RSA2048 cryptographic components.

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[1 US patents 7,136,995; 7,386,734; 7,900,057.

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