Real-Time Monitoring Service relays frac, well test data.

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Encompassing Frac and Well Test monitoring services, Intellisite RTViewer delivers second-by-second data in real-time to users anywhere via Internet. Frac Monitoring Service offers up to 40 channels of data and records entire frac operation, allowing users to review different timeframes and look at different information. Well Testing Monitoring Service lets user select preferred interval range in readings, from 1-60 sec. This information is transmitted on scheduled basis.

Original Press Release:

Implicit Monitoring Solutions Introduces Real-Time Monitoring

Delivers Second-By-Second Frac and Well Test Data via Internet

DALLAS, Aug. 5 -- Implicit(TM) Monitoring Solutions, LP announced today the introduction of its new Real-Time Monitoring Service that supports the company's Frac and Well Test services. These innovative services deliver second-by-second frac and well test data directly to users anywhere in the world using the Internet. The name for these new products will build off the flagship Intellisite name and communicate the timely viewing features. The new name for the frac and well-testing services is Intellisite RTViewer.

Frac Monitoring Service -- Pumpco Services, a leading Frac company operating in Texas, Montana, and North Dakota is currently using Implicit's Frac Monitoring Service to deliver second-by second frac information to its customers, divisional offices, and other key personnel through the Internet. Ed Ridl, Sales and Service Manager for Pumpco, states, "our customers and other personnel wanted an easy, internet-based method to view the frac operation in real time, and Implicit was able to deliver this capability."

The Service provides up to 40 channels of real-time frac data that can be accessed anywhere in the world by simply using a web browser. The Implicit graphical interface allows each user to customize the frac data and select his preferred view: real-time graphs, digital readouts, or a raw data display. The entire frac operation is recorded, allowing users to go back over different timeframes and look at different data. The service also provides the ability to send data transmissions that import directly into specialized frac software programs.

"We have found that frac companies were looking for an easy-to-use solution for delivering real-time frac data through the Internet to customers, investors and other key stakeholders," states Scooter Beachum, President of Implicit Solutions. Beachum notes, "We spent a year of development time to provide a secure, reliable satellite-based service for delivering real-time remote data directly to end users through our web platform."

Well Testing Monitoring Service - Calscan USA is using Implicit's well- testing service to receive near real-time data used to precisely measure pressure, temperature, gas and liquid flow in a potentially explosive environment. The Implicit system was designed to provide a small footprint and standalone power requirements. The well-testing service allows the user to select the preferred interval range in readings: one second to 60 second intervals. This information is transmitted on a scheduled basis through Implicit's innovative satellite communication system and is available to all personnel through the Internet.

Ed Arnold, Integrated Solutions Manager for Calscan, states "The flexibility and precision of Implicit's monitoring system generates the exact information we need to capture and transmits the data remotely for clients' performing well testing operations. Since our equipment is already integrated with Implicit's system, we intend to rent and sell the entire package to other well testing operations as well as engineering services, which conduct build up, fall off, MIT storage testing, frac injection, production installations and other applications."

Implicit Monitoring Solutions, LP is a leading provider of remote asset performance and control monitoring services for the oil and gas industry. The company's flagship product is the Intellisite(SM) remote monitoring system that collects, communicates and delivers secure field production information to its global clients via a web-based reporting platform. Implicit's real-time monitoring service allows Frac Engineers to provide remote expert assistance on multiple operations simultaneously and offers operators and investors an easy-to-use web-based view of the frac or well testing operation. Implicit's suite of monitoring services allow operators and producers to improve the performance of well sites, send out alarms to avert a costly shutdown, avoid the escalating investment in technology, and meet regulatory and nomination compliance standards, including pipeline protection through remotely monitored cathodic protection devices. For more information, visit

Pumpco Services is a leading provider of stimulation and cementing services to customers operating in Texas, Montana, and North Dakota. For more information, visit

CalScan Services is an oilfield service company that manufactures, services, and rents surface and sub-surface pressure recorders, production testing systems and flow computers. Calscan also provides processing and reservoir engineering on the data collected. For more information, visit

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