Real-Time Locating Systems track objects or people.

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Used to automatically identify and track location of objects or people, Real-Time Locating Systems comprise NSAR-820 Activators, 125 KHz/2.45 GHz NSAT-709 Tags, and NSAR-800/850 gain adjustable active RFID reader/writers. NSAR-820 transmitter provides 125 KHz signal which activates tags. Tags then transmit unique ID along with activator's address ID to 2.45 GHz reader/writers to provide tag's exact location. As long as tags are not being activated, they work in sleep mode to extend battery life.

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NephSystem Technologies Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS)

NephSystem Technologies' Real-time locating systems (RTLS) are used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time, usually within a building or other contained area. NephSystem's 125KHz/2.45GHz dual frequency of  RTLS tags are attached to objects or worn by people.

The system contains the following items to be a whole RTLS package -

1. Activators that work under 125KHz low frequency range (Model NSAR-820)

2. 125KHz and 2.45GHz dual frequency band of tags (Model NSAT-709)

3. 2.45GHz NSAR 800 series gain adjustable active RFID reader/writers (Model NSAR-800/850)

NephSystem Technologies NSAR-820 Activator is a stand-alone and fully ruggedized (IP68 rated) signal transmitter that provides a low frequency activation signal (125KHz) which activates or wakes up NephSystem’s special activation type of tags (Model NSAT-709) as the tags pass through the NSAR-820 Activator. Then the NSAT-709 tag transmits the tag's unique ID along with NSAR-802 activator's address ID together over to NephSystem’s NSAR series of active RFID reader/writers to provide the tag's precise location. This combination can realize the regional location service and make the asset/people movement detection possible.

As long as the compatible wake-up types of NSAT-709 tag are not being activated by NSAR-820 activators, they will be working at the sleep or quiet mode (no RF signals are being transmitted under this sleep mode) so that the battery life in those tags could be significantly improved or expanded. NSAR-820 Activators can also be configured via serial port by connecting to a regular PC for some specific parameters such as address, name, reading distance, etc. It is very easy to install activators in the field and their features offer the flexible and versatile applications including coverage for perimeter doors, interior zones, vehicle lanes and other control points throughout the facility.

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