Reagents determine moisture in various applications.

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AQUACOUNTER® Karl Fischer reagents are optimized to meet demands of various moisture determinations. Used with KF Titrators, these coulometric and volumetric reagents, water standards, and dehydrated solvents are available to analyze moisture in food and beverages, petroleum, plastics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, paints, and powders. Products are pyridine-free and emit no unpleasant odors. Extended shelf life ensures stable titre and accurate results.

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AQUACOUNTER® Karl Fischer Reagents

Applications - Used with KF Titrators to determine moisture in:
o Food & Beverages o Petroleum / Refinery o Plastics o Pharmaceuticals
o Cosmetics o Chemicals o Paints & Powders

JM Science introduces the new AQUACOUNTER Karl Fischer reagents which have been carefully developed and optimized to meet the exacting demands of a wide range of moisture determinations. A complete selection of coulometric and volumetric reagents, water standards and dehydrated solvents are available to analyze moisture in a diverse array of applications. An extended shelf life assures a stable titre, rapid titrations and accurate results. AQUACOUNTER reagents are manufactured in the US, are pyridine-free and are thus less toxic with no unpleasant odors. Reagents are very competitively priced and demo kits are available.

Some examples of applications include determining moisture in: freeze-dried food, peanut butter, oil, ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel, various oils & greases, alcohols, basic chemicals, solvents, paint, powder, plastics, and much more.

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