Reagent Handling Systems provide SO2 and SO3 removal.

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Designed to meet stringent emission requirements of utility and industrial facilities, UCC Reagent Handling Systems are suited for use with limestone, pebble lime, hydrated lime, trona, and magnesium oxide reagents. Splitter design resists clogging and results in even distribution of reagent at each injection port. For coarse limestone applications, optional abrasion-resistant ceramic components provide optimal wear life.

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United Conveyor Corporation Expands Offering to Include Reagent Handling Systems for SO2 and SO3 Removal

UCC blends high-quality components and proven application technologies to improve power plant efficiencies, reliability and performance.

Waukegan, IL, January 6, 2009 - United Conveyor Corporation (UCC), a global leader in ash handling systems and custom-engineered material handling systems, today announced the expansion of its system portfolio to include Reagent Handling systems for SO2 and SO3 removal designed to meet stringent emission requirements of utility and industrial facilities. UCC Reagent Handling systems are designed for use with limestone, pebble lime, hydrated lime, trona and magnesium oxide reagents.

"Quality design, equipment reliability, and optimal performance are at the core of all UCC solutions for wet and dry scrubbers, duct injection, and fluidized bed boiler applications," says Dan Charhut, vice president of Sales and Technology at UCC. "Building on our expertise and reputation for delivering optimized performance and unmatched reliability, our Reagent Handling systems are designed with detailed analysis and verified by a thorough testing protocol to achieve the highest functionality and best results for our customers. This system is a natural extension of our industry experience in ash handling."

UCC Reagent Handling systems blend diverse technologies for maximum SO2 and SO3 removal and are designed specifically to improve efficacy while maximizing cost savings by reducing slip (unused reagent). The systems are designed to accommodate variable material properties (density, deaeratability, particle size and shape, velocity/loading, hardness) that can affect material flow rates, injection, and operational performance. Experienced deployment minimizes plant disruptions and downtime, with full-service project implementation from design and testing of the Reagent Handling system, through installation and post-installation.

A reagent by-product can adversely alter the material characteristics of existing fly ash systems, thereby affecting its flow properties and performance of existing hoppers and conveying equipment. As the leader in ash handling, UCC is in a unique position to advise customers on the potential impact a new reagent handling system may have on its existing plant performance to mitigate conditions that can lead to plugging, equipment wear and other mechanical and operational issues.

All interdependent system components - from gates/valves to mixers, crushers, and feeders - are engineered to allow for particle characteristics and flow behavior to yield the optimal blower selection for power efficiency and lowered total cost of ownership. A simple engineered splitter design resists clogging and results in an even distribution of reagent at each injection port, optimizing routing for trouble-free operation and system compliance. For coarse limestone applications, optional abrasion-resistant ceramic components provide superior wear life to maintain reagent feed accuracy over time. Material handling for bulk truck and rail unloading yield rates up to 30TPH, for quicker turnaround of vehicles. Booster systems maximize unloading rate up to 60TPH with increased conveying distance.

UCC's Reagent Handling system development tapped the expertise of the company's expert design team and extensive frontline customer installations in power generation operations. The company serves a majority of North American utility companies, offering the industry's broadest conveyor product line and process-integrated system solutions.

About United Conveyor Corporation

United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) is a global leader in ash handling solutions for the power generation industry and preferred supplier for reagent handling expertise. Since 1920, UCC has been committed to the design, supply, construction, and maintenance of world class conveyor systems precisely engineered to better serve utility providers. The company owns and operates a steel fabrication facility to maintain direct control over quality and timely delivery of manufactured components and replacement parts guaranteed to meet or exceed stringent customer performance requirements. A trusted industry partner, UCC offers a global network of sales and service representatives serving customers and installations spanning six continents. For more information, please contact the company at 847-473-5900 or visit their website:

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