Reach Truck and Coast Control System increase productivity.

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Reach-Fork(TM) Truck uses AC drive and lift motors, providing more runtime per battery charge and allowing operators to move more pallets per shift. CoastPRO(TM) Electronic Coast Control System allows operators to fluidly engage and disengage coast function of truck without flipping levers, switches or plungers. It conforms to changes made by ASME to safety standard B56.1, for Low Lift Trucks, in regard to coast control.

Original Press Release:

Raymond Introduces New Products with Exclusive Capabilities

The AC-powered Reach-Fork(R) Truck and the CoastPRO(TM) System
Contribute to Higher Productivity and Lower Cost of Operation

GREENE, N.Y., Feb. 22, 2002-The Raymond Corporation recently introduced two new products that offer exclusive capabilities to operators of warehouse lift trucks. The first product is an Accelerated Cycle (AC-powered) Reach-Fork(R) Truck that uses accelerated-performance AC drive and lift motors to enhance truck productivity, maximize energy efficiency, reduce the truck's cost of operation, and lower the cost per pallet moved. It is the first AC-powered Reach-Fork truck designed and built in North America. "The ACR Truck has three key advantages over DC motor trucks," said John Colborn, Product Advocate for
Reach-Fork Trucks at The Raymond Corporation. "First, its higher performance enables reach truck operators to move more pallets per shift. Second, it provides more runtime per battery charge. And third, it lowers the truck's overall cost of operation through reduced maintenance requirements and increased reliability."

The second product is Raymond's patented CoastPRO(TM) Electronic Coast Control System, a new floor-level order picking productivity option that allows pallet truck operators to fluidly engage and disengage the coast function of the truck without flipping levers, switches or plungers. CoastPRO saves the operator an average of three seconds per pick stop, which can translate to more order picking time per hour.

CoastPRO was developed to conform to the recent changes made by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to the safety standard for Low Lift Trucks (B56.1) in regard to coast control. Unlike prior systems, the new coast systems cannot
allow full-speed operation of the truck if the coast system is engaged. The new standard requires that, when the operator boards the truck, he has to disengage the coast system before
he is able to accelerate to top speed. Without CoastPRO, this requires the operator to flip a lever, switch or plunger.

"CoastPRO provides thumb activation or 'engagement' buttons, which are placed within easy reach of the operator's thumb for effortless, 'tactile,' activation, saving the operator precious seconds each time they engage and disengage coast," said Edgar Warriner, Product Advocate for Pallet Trucks and Walkie Stackers at The Raymond Corporation. "With CoastPRO, pallet truck operators can pick more cases per hour, increasing warehouse
productivity and reducing operating costs."

The Raymond Corporation is the leading North American provider of materials handling solutions that improve space utilization and productivity, with lower cost of operation and greater operator acceptance. High-performance, reliable, ergonomically designed Raymond(R) products range from hand pallet trucks, powered walkies and stackers to counterbalanced trucks, Reach-Fork(R) trucks, EASi(TM) and Gofer(R) orderpickers, and dual-purpose (pallet handling/case picking) Swing-Reach trucks. Raymond trucks travel over 400 million warehouse miles a year, and are in use by nine out of ten Fortune 100 companies. Raymond
trucks are sold and supported by an international network of Raymond Dealers that provide comprehensive materials handling solutions.

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