RCP6-GRT7 Thin Gripper Series feature integrated body frame guide.

Press Release Summary:

RCP6-GRT7 Thin Gripper Series come with battery-less absolute encoder. Unit can be used with orthogonal axis and gripper pick and place. Product offers overhang amount of 150 mm and grip force up to 300N. Gripper provides mounting freedom by selecting option from 1 to 4 surfaces to mount and select from 4 wiring exit directions.

Original Press Release:

IAI America’s New Thin Gripper has Higher Rigidity, Higher Grip Force and a Height of Only 39 mm.

IAI America launched the RCP6-GRT7 Thin Gripper series that are equipped with a battery-less absolute encoder as standard. When used with orthogonal axis and gripper pick and place, all axes can be configured with battery-less absolute encoders, which makes home return unnecessary when restarting the equipment. It will even retain its grip on the workpiece.

The gripping point distance and overhang amount have been improved by adopting an integrated body frame guide increasing rigidity. An overhang amount of 150 mm is now possible. Grip force has also been increased up to 300N.

Mounting freedom has improved by being able to select from 1 of 4 surfaces on the gripper to mount and select from 4 wiring exit directions. Cost has also been decreased 39% compared to our previous gripper with equivalent stroke.

Data sheets and CAD drawings detailing specifications and measurements are available to download at www.intelligentactuator.com/thin-gripper

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For more information, please visit www.intelligentactuator.com or contact Antonio Jimenez at (310) 891-6015.

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