RCA Jacks will not loosen or have shell spin.

Press Release Summary:

Four RCA jacks have single piece stamped shell or grounding sections. There are 3 vertical models as well as 1 right angle version, CTP-021, which is available with RFI and EMI shield. Color inserts for insulators include blue, green, orange, red, white, black, and yellow for appropriate coding.

Original Press Release:

Single Piece Construction RCA Jacks

Carson City, NV....CONNECT-TECH PRODUCTS, INC., Now has four different RCA jacks that have single piece stamped shell or grounding sections instead of the usual two piece construction. This gives the advantage of not having the shell spin or get loosened after use in the field which can affect the RFI and EMI performance for possible field failures.

There are three different vertical models as well as the right angle version, CTP-021. The later has a RFI and EMI shield available if added performance is required. There are all the usual color inserts for the insulators for the appropriate coding, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Black and Yellow. Any additional color requirements will be made available as needed in the future. All of these parts are in production and samples to volume requirements are normally on the shelf.

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