Rayservers Introduces Military-Grade Computer Security for All

All Laptop Users Need Privacy and Computer Security; Rayservers(TM) Now Meets Both Needs with a Simple out-of-the-Box Solution

PANAMA CITY, Panama--Today, Rayservers introduced the next advance in computer security, its Secure-Out-of-the-Box laptop computers. These laptops offer 100% encrypted hard drives and privacy protected internet access for safe communications.

Unlike ordinary laptops, Rayservers laptops offer unparalleled privacy and computer security. Rayservers' computers protect users from identity thieves, corporate spies, data vandals, extortionists and much, much worse.

Who Needs Computer Security?

Anyone can have their ordinary insecure laptop invaded from the Internet or physically stolen. The media is full of stories about high government officials and corporate executives who have lost their - and OUR - personal data when their unencrypted laptops were stolen. Even the FBI lost 160 laptops last year.

Professionals, especially, need to take computer security seriously. Lawyers have to preserve privileged client communications. Human rights activists need to protect contacts living under repressive regimes. Journalists must protect their sources and work-product. Everyone has need for more privacy than ordinary laptops can provide.

Secure-Out-of-the-Box laptops from Rayservers are the long-needed solution.

"Companies face huge liabilities when they use insecure laptops," said Sandy Sandfort, CEO of Rayservers. "In the UK, the Nationwide Building Society was fined £980,000 because of a laptop that was stolen from an employee. At Rayservers we offer security consulting, migration training and support to help companies better comply with Sarbanes Oxley, privacy legislation such as HIPAA and the California Privacy Act."

About Rayservers

Rayservers offers multiple, integrated computer security solutions to protect your financial transactions and information privacy from attack.

Need more laptop details? See http://gold.rayservers.com/laptops.

Sandy Sandfort, CEO, 512-692-6133

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