RaySafe to Showcase Benefits of Real-time Dosimetry at RSNA 2015 (Booth #1711)

Interactive Low Dose Hero Game Challenges Practitioners to Keep Their Radiation Dose Low

EVERETT, Wash. - Unfors RaySafe Inc., a Fluke Biomedical company and the leading manufacturer of real-time dose monitoring solutions, will be showcasing the game, Low Dose Hero, during the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting, November 29 - December 3, 2015 in Chicago. Low Dose Hero enables players to virtually assist interventional radiologists and clinical staff during a medical procedure in a virtual fluoroscopy room where they could potentially be exposed to high levels of radiation. The game tests players' ability to avoid exposure to radiation and follow proper radiation avoidance protocols.

Importance of Being a Low Dose Hero?

Scatter radiation affects interventional radiology, interventional neuroradiology, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and several other specialties. Health risks due to ionizing radiation include higher incidences of cataracts, skin cancer, brain tumors, and thyroid disease.

To highlight the effectiveness of the RaySafe i2 real-time dose monitoring system, RaySafe developed Low Dose Hero. The game simulates a real-world experience that enables players to virtually assist a physician, and afterwards receive a score that corresponds to the level of radiation they potentially received. The goal is get a low score, and become a "Low Dose Hero."  

"RaySafe designed the Low Dose Hero game to demonstrate how radiation awareness can effective one's exposure level, leading to changes in staff behavior, which results in lower dose levels and increased safety," said Chintan Shah, Sales and Marketing Manager, personal dosimetry, for RaySafe. "The harmful effects of accumulated, high exposure to scatter radiation - including tumors and cataracts - are now being published and acknowledged by many physicians. The Low Dose Hero game reinforces the benefits of behavior change through the use of the RaySafe i2 system. Together the game and the RaySafe i2 system can help ensure clinical teams are better protected from excessive radiation exposure."

Real Time Awareness for Real Time Action

The Raysafe i2 is the first and only system that delivers real-time dose monitoring for physicians and clinicians. A visual display shows colored indications (red, yellow, green) to give each individual user insight about their current dose exposure and the opportunity to adjust their actions. It also shows the accumulated dose per individual user on a touch screen display.

Total dose history is captured in the Dose Manager software and can easily generate reports for staff use and archive purposes. Interventional radiology and cardiology departments, along with hospital administration can better manage staff dose and help keep staff safe.

RSNA attendees can schedule a time to visit the RaySafe booth (#1711), and test their Low Dose Hero skills by visiting www.flukebiomedical.com/raysafei2_rsna. Participants are also invited to "join the conversation" and share how they and their colleagues lower their radiation exposure. RaySafe will be collecting and posting responses on a display panel in their booth, along with posting them on social media and at LowerMyDose.com.

About Unfors RaySafe, Inc.

Unfors RaySafe, a Fluke Biomedical company, is the leading manufacturer of instruments for the quality assurance and service of diagnostic x-ray equipment and real-time dose monitoring solutions for high-dose labs. Thousands of satisfied medical physicists, service engineers, biomedical engineers, government inspectors and major manufacturers of quality X-ray machines throughout the world use RaySafe products today. For additional information, visit www.raysafe.com and follow us on Facebook and @Unfors_RaySafe.


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