RAYCO Broadens Distributor Network and Introduces a New Round of Innovations

Rayco Manufacturing, Inc. of Sterling Heights, Michigan introduces an increased distributor network and new configuring options for advanced vision/contact CMM fixturing.

A typical Rayco fixture can be developed in minutes, instead of the weeks or even months required to manufacture a dedicated holding fixture. If the part design is modified over time, the fixture can easily be modified to match the new part configuration. Plus, Rayco leads the way in adapting fixtures to meet the demands of new methods in CMM Inspection. Problems inherent in the new Vision/Contact CMM machines are minimized with Rayco technology.

Too often a custom dedicated fixture is built only to find that fixture details obstruct the probe from measuring the part. Rayco flexible fixtures can be easily modified to eliminate obstructions that interfere with the inspection program. Part design changes potentially obsolete a hard fixture. Again the Rayco solution prevents these costly scenarios. Rayco developed the original patent for Alpha-numeric marking of fixture bases. They are the standard that CMM fixture builders rely on today.

Douglas Cole, President said, "Rayco Fixtures are only manufactured by Rayco Manufacturing, Inc. The product line is available only from authorized Rayco Distributors. Customers ask for the Rayco CMM fixture because they want the quality and reliability that Rayco CMM fixtures has come to stand for over the past two decades."

New distributors, a new website, and simplified ordering procedures will continue to make the Rayco line the first choice in CMM fixtures and components.

For additional information contact:

Douglas Cole
Rayco Manufacturing, Inc.
5520 Bridgewood
Sterling Heights, MI 48310

Phone: 586 795 2884
Fax: 586 795 3260

Email: sales@raycofixture.com

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